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12 steps and 12 traditions

Hey guys, here we are going to provide 12 steps and 12 traditions PDF for all of you. 12 steps and 12 traditions contain 12 essays written by Bill W. The book is commonly used at AA meetings with helpful examples and personal insights, and other 12-step programs that explain how the Traditions protect the unity of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions was written in 1953. It explains the 24 basic principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and their application. It was written in the United States of America. The Subject of this book is based on Alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous, Twelve Steps, and Twelve Traditions. It was Published in 1953 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc.

12 steps and 12 traditions PDF – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions AA PDF

The 12 Steps are as follows:

Sr.No. The 12 Steps
1. Admit powerlessness over alcohol and that your life is unmanageable and you have a drinking problem.
2. Believe in a higher power that can restore you and give you the ability to return to a healthy life. Members of AA acknowledge God or a higher power.
3. Turn your life over to your higher power.
4. Conduct a fearless moral inventory of your past and present faults. Members must work to get their affairs in order.
5. Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. You must admit your mistakes to another person, in addition to acknowledging them internally and admitting them to your higher power.
6. Allow your higher power to remove all of your defects of character. Let go and accept that it’s time to change.
7. Ask your higher power to remove your shortcomings and focus on healing, prayer, meditation, faith, and hope.
8. Make a list of all persons you’ve harmed and be willing to make amends. This step involves planning and admitting your wrongs.
9. Make direct amends to people you’ve harmed unless doing so causes more harm to either party. This step puts step eight into action.
10. Continue taking personal inventory and promptly admit if and when wrongs occur.
11. Seek to improve our conscious contact with our higher power, reflect on each day, consider what went wrong, and how you can continue to improve.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of the 12 steps, carry the message to alcoholics and continue to put them into practice.

Twelve Traditions PDF: The Twelve Traditions AA

The 12 AA Traditions are as follows:

Sr.No. The 12 AA Traditions
1. The common welfare of the AA group comes first, and the group’s unity supports personal recovery.
2. God is the ultimate authority for the group and leaders of AA serve but doesn’t govern.
3. The only requirement for being a member of AA is a desire to stop drinking.
4. Groups are autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or the entirety of AA.
5. Each group has a singular purpose: to carry its message to active alcoholics.
6. Groups must never endorse, finance, or allow the use of the AA name outside of the group.
7. Each group must be fully self-supporting and decline outside contributions and should avoid all problems of money.
8. The organization must remain non-professional. Service centres can employ special workers.
9. Service boards and committees are allowed to form but are directly responsible to those they serve, and there should never be a centralized organization.
10. AA has no opinion on outside issues and can never be drawn into public controversy.
11. Outreach is about attraction, not promotion. There is no organized public relations policy.
12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all the traditions. Principles are always above personalities.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions PDF: The Difference

Sr.No. The Difference
1. The 12 steps of AA have become firmly renowned as a path toward recovery from addictions. This includes drug and alcohol addictions, as well as others like gambling and sugar addictions.
2. The twelve steps encourage people to acknowledge their problems, seek help, and practise healthier behaviours.
3. The 12 traditions of AA provide spiritual and practical guidelines for governing the AA organization itself.
4. These traditions foster the practices that enable AA to stay focused on its one objective: to deliver a free, accessible, and available safe place for anyone who wants to break their addiction.

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