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12th Chemistry One Mark Questions 2022
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12th Chemistry One Mark Questions 2022

Dear friends, here we are going to upload the 12th Chemistry One Mark Questions 2022 PDF for all of you. As you know Chemistry is one of the important topics in scientific study. Through this article, you can know about the 12th chemistry one-mark important questions which can be very useful for you and those students who are also looking for it. One-mark questions are very helpful for your exam preparation. Through this, you can get a high score in your exam.

These questions are also very effective and useful for those who preparing for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, CA etc. It can boost their preparation level and confidence level by attempting this chapter-wise syllabus. If you are also studying in class 12th and thus you want to practice and learn something before appearing in the final examination then this post proved very beneficial for you.

12th Chemistry one Mark Questions 2022 PDF

  • Sodium. magnesium and aluminium can be obtained from their ore by

    (a) electro metallurgy
    (b) pyro metallurgy
    (c) hydro metallurgy
    (d) smelting
  • Oxidation state of carbon in its hydrides

    (a) +4
    (b) -4
    (c) +3
    (d) +2
  • S-S bond is present in

    (a) H2S2O7.
    (b) H2SO5
    (c) H2S2O6
    (d) H2S2O6
  • The alloy of copper that contain Zinc is

    (a) Monel metal
    (b) Bronze
    (c) bell metal
    (d) brass
  • An excess of silver nitrate is added to 100ml of a 0.01M solution of pentaaquachloridochromium(III)chloride. The number of moles of AgCl precipitated would be

    (a) 0.02
    (b) 0.002
    (c) 0.01
    (d) 0.2
  • A binary solid A+B- has a structure with B ions constituting the lattice and A+ ions occupying 25% tetrahedral holes. Formula of the solid is

    (a) A2B
    (b) AB2
    (c) AB
    (d) AB4
  • For a reaction Rate = kacetone[]32 then unit of rate constant and rate of reaction respectively is

    (a) (mol L-1 S-1),(mol1/2L1/2S-1)
    (b) (mol-1/2L1/2s-1),(mol L-1s-1)
    (c) (mol1/2L1/2s-1),(molL-1s-1)
    (d) (molLs-1),(mol1/2L1/2s)
  • Which of the following fluro – compounds is most likely to behave as a Lewis base?

    (a) BF3
    (b) PF3
    (c) CF4
    (d) SiF4
  • With regard to the strength of acids and bases, Find the incorrect statement among the following.

    (a) Strong acid is one that completely dissociates in water
    (b) Ka is the dissociation constant
    (c) CH3COOH is a weak acid
    (d) Smaller the Ka value, greater is the acid strength
  • The feasibility of a redox reaction can be predicted with the help of

    (a) Electronegativity
    (b) Electrochemical series
    (c) Electron affinity
    (d) Equivalent conductance
  • The phenomenon observed when a beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution is _______________

    (a) Cataphoresis
    (b) Electrophoresis
    (c) Coagulation
    (d) Tyndall effect

Part II

Answer any 6 of the questions. Question no.24 is compulsory.

6 x 2 = 12

  • Name the two steps involved in the extraction of crude metal
  • What is catenation? describe briefly the catenation property of carbon
  • Give the reason for the bleaching action of Cl2.
  • Draw the Cis and trans isomer of MA2B2 type
  • Distinguish tetrahedral and octahedral voids.
  • If the rate of a reaction gets doubled as the temperature is increased from 27oC to 37oC. Find the activation energy of the reaction?
  • When aqueous ammonia is added to CuSO4 solution, the solution turns deep blue due to the formation of tetramminecopper (II) complex,[Cu(H2O)]2+(aq)⇌4NH3(aq)⇌[Cu(NH3)4]2+(aq)[Cu(H2O)](aq)2+⇌4NH3(aq)⇌[Cu(NH3)4](aq)2+ among H2O and NH3 Which is stronger Lewis base.
  • Give the uses of mercury button cells.
  • Suggest a suitable reagent to prepare secondary alcohol with the identical group using the Grignard reagent.

Part III

Answer any 6 of the questions. Question no.33 is compulsory.

6 x 3 = 18

  • What is liquation?
  • Account for the following:
    (i) Cobalt (II) is stable in an aqueous solution but in the presence of complexing reagents, it is easily oxidized.
    (ii) The d1 configuration is very unstable in ions.
  • Explain the process of recharging of the lead storage battery.
  • What is the difference between a sol and a gel?
  • How is nitroglycerine .prepared from glycerol?
  • How will you convert benzaldehyde into the following compounds?
    (i) benzophenone
    (ii) benzoic acid
    (iii) αα – hydroxyphenylaceticacid.
  • Convert aniline to p-nitro aniline
  • Justify the presence of the keto group in C2 in fructose.
  • Give the structure of melamine formaldehyde resin.

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