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14th Round Condominium Winners
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14th Round Condominium Winners

Friends, here we are going to present 14th Round Condominium Winners PDF. Condominiums are a relatively new addition to Ethiopian life. Today, apartments and condos offer people an extraordinary way of living, especially 20/80 condos. Addis Ababa Housing Agency has made it its mission to build these condominiums across the city to address the housing shortage.

As the popularity of these condos has grown, Addis Ababa Housing Agency is now offering them via lottery. Addis Ababa Housing Agency will have to register and wait for their names to be published in the list of condominium winners. The number of people on the waiting list is high, which explains the popularity of Ethiopian condominiums.

14th Round Condominium Winners PDF – Highlights

March 6, 2019, Addis Ababa Housing Agency is conducting a draw to relocate 51,229 housing units that were built through a program to develop condominium houses in the city. The transfer will be done through a lottery draw but the details of this process are not disclosed.


Condominium units come in 2 different sizes. In a report made by the Addis Ababa City Administration, 32,653 condominium houses of size 20×80 and 18,576 of size 40×60 will be transferred to all those registered for the draw and win.

The same report states that out of 20/80 condominium homes, 5% are for the disabled, 20% for civilian or government employees, and 30% for female residents.

14th round 20/80 and 3rd round 40/60

Condominiums are now widely considered a great investment in Ethiopia. Instead of keeping your cash in a low-interest bank, you can buy or lease a condo. These condos can also be easily rented out which can provide a decent side income. Although it may take some time for your name to appear on the list of Addis Ababa Housing Agency condo winners, people may still choose to buy when prices are low.

The fact is that today the Ethiopian real estate market is booming and prices are constantly rising practically every month. The government’s Addis Ababa Housing Agency has been offering these lottery programs for almost 10 years and many are happy with their decision to purchase these condominiums. The pace of planned construction of these buildings will not slow down, even as there is talk that the housing agency wants to build more than ever.

Condominium Winners List

It is widely believed that Addis Ababa is the only city with condominiums, but this is not true, the Ethiopian Housing Agency is building condominiums throughout the country; Like Harar, these buildings are also there in the eastern areas of the country. The following is a complete list of Ethiopian condominium lottery winners names and other pertinent information.

The financial requirement for the prize draw will be for those who registered with a savings of at least 40% over the estimated condo cost at the time of registration. According to the administration’s calculations, those who get a 1-bedroom condo will pay 65,050 ETB, or $2,306 based on current exchange rates.

For 2 bedrooms, residents pay 100,000 ETB or $3,703 USD and for 3 bedrooms the price is 154,000 ETB or $5,703 USD.

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