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365 Bedtime Stories

Dear readers, here we are providing 365 Bedtime Stories PDF to all of you. Bedtime Stories are one of the best ways to entertain children and adults for a long time. Storytelling is a very ancient practice in Human beings. People love to tell stories and also want to listen to them from others.

Here we are presenting the best collection of bedtime stories and we make sure that your children will definitely love them and they will also seek some teachings from the stories because these stories are full of knowledge, entertainment, learning, experiences and suspense – thrillers.

Bedtime Stories PDF / 365 Bedtime Stories PDF

The Unexpected Rock

This story is told by the Miwok tribe, who live in what we now call Yosemite. It reveals how the rock formation Tutokanula, or El Capitan, grew out of the earth overnight. One day two children were playing in a stream. When they got out, they were chilly, but the girl saw a soft, mossy area in the sun. “Let’s go and sit there,” she said, “It will be warm in the sun.”

The children lay on the moss and soon fell asleep. As the day went on, the rock inched upwards to keep them close to the sun and warm. The children were so comfortable they stayed asleep. At dinner time, the children’s family searched everywhere but could not find them. Then coyote sniffed the ground, followed the children’s trail, and said, “They must be on top of this new rock.”

Antelope was the best jumper, and the family asked him to get the children, but he could only reach a short way up the rock. Grizzly bear was the best climber, so they asked her to get the children, but she could only reach a little higher than the antelope. All of the animals tried — jackrabbit, raccoon, even mountain lion, but none could reach the children. “Let me try,” said the inchworm, and all of the animals laughed. “You are too small,” they said. “How could you possibly do what we couldn’t?”

But the children’s family asked him to try. Slowly, slowly, the inchworm passed the points the other animals had reached. Finally, he got to the top and woke the children by crawling on their faces and leading them down the mountain. That day, the Miwok named the rock Tutokanula in honor of the inchworm, the tiny creature who achieved great things.

Callista And The Puma

This tale is from Argentina and tells the story of a young girl, the friendship she develops with a wild puma, and how kindness is repaid. Once there was a girl named Callista. Her father was a soldier, and after the country in which she was born, Spain, invaded South America, she moved to Argentina with her family. The people who lived in Argentina were angry the Spanish had taken over their land, so they surrounded the camp in which the Spanish families were living, hoping to make them leave.

Callista was told not to leave the camp, but she was hungry. So, one day, she snuck out to find food. As she explored the jungle, she came across a cave where a mother puma had just given birth. Callista helped the mother puma clean the cubs and found food for her to eat. One day the native people found Callista, and she was scared. However, they did not harm her and instead took her back to their village, gave her food, and looked after her. Callista felt loved and at home and lived there a long while.

Then, the Spanish soldiers attacked the village, found Callista, and took her back to the camp. Her father was very angry with her and sent soldiers to tie her to a tree in the jungle as punishment. She was there for days. The village people were scared she might die, but they were also scared of the Spanish soldiers. After three days, they went to try to rescue Callista but feared she would be dead. However, when they got to the trees, Callista was fine. The puma Callista cared for had come back to look after her. The villagers untied Callista and took her home with them, where she lived a long and happy life.

The Reward

The Reward is a cautionary tale from India and warns against the dangers of being greedy. There once was an emperor named Akbar. He went hunting in the woods, but when it started to get dark, he became lost. A young boy, Mahesh, heard the emperor calling for help, went into the jungle, and led him back to the palace.

As a reward, the emperor took a ring from his finger and gave it to Mahesh. “Bring this ring back to the palace in the morning, show it to the guards, and tell them to let you in,” said the emperor, “Then I can reward you for your kindness.” The next day Mahesh came back to the palace, showed the ring to the guard, and asked to see the emperor.

However, the guard was a greedy man and told Mahesh, “I will only let you in if you give me half of your reward.” Mahesh agreed and went to see the emperor. “I would like 50 lashes as my reward,” said Mahesh. The emperor tried to talk him out of it, but Maresh insisted.

After the 25th lash, Mahesh stopped the emperor and explained about the guard. The emperor was very angry with the guard. He went out and gave the guard the remaining 25 lashes and fired him on the spot. Then the emperor asked Maresh again what he would like as a reward. “I promised the guard half of everything,” Maresh said, “So I do not want any further reward.” So, instead, the emperor gave Mahesh’s family a new home and all they needed to enjoy a happy life.

You Need A Lion’s Whisker

This fairy tale from Ethiopia tells the story of a woman who learns there are no shortcuts and that patience, perseverance, and hard work are essential. Leeya married a man who already had a son. She tried to be friends with the boy, but nothing she did work. So Leeya went to see the medicine man in the mountains.

“Please help me,” Leeya said. “I want the boy to be happy and to be friends with him. I’ve tried for an entire week, but nothing works.” “I can help, but first, I need you to pluck a whisker from a living lion and bring it to me,” he said. Leeya was afraid, but she wanted to be friends, so she went to where the lions lived. Every day for a month, Leeya would put out a bowl of meat and watch from behind a rock when the lion came to feed.

The next month she did the same thing but knelt up, so her head was showing. The next month she stood taller so the lion could see her from the waist up, and the following month she stood beside the rock. For the next six months, she inched closer to the lion. In the tenth month, she stood next to him while he ate. In the eleventh, she held the bowl, and in the twelfth month, she would place her hand on the lion’s face. Finally, she was brave enough to pluck a whisker from the lion, and she took it to the medicine man.

The medicine man accepted the whisker from her and threw it into the fire. “Why did you do that?” asked Leeya. “I worked hard for a full year to get that whisker.” “You worked hard,” said the medicine man. “You were patient, gave the lion what it needed, and gained its trust. Is it any harder to do the same for a young boy who misses his mother?” Then Leeya understood. There were no shortcuts, but patience, love, understanding, and perseverance would get her where she wanted to be.

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