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75 Hard Challenge Rules
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75 Hard Challenge Rules

Dear readers, here we are offering 75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF to all of you. 75 Hard Challenge was created by entrepreneur and influencer Andy Frisella. Suppose you’re new to fitness or overhauling your lifestyle. In that case, the 75 Hard Challenge may not live up to the habit-forming benefits it promises.

75 Hard is a 75-day-long challenge that prescribes a number of different health, fitness, and mental strength protocols. 75 days can be a long time, but the time and effort you’ll commit will be worthwhile. You can know about all the rules of the 75 Hard Challenge in the following pdf.

75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF – 5 rules of 75 HARD

  • Follow a healthy diet of your choosing… strictly. No slip-ups or alcohol allowed.
  • Workout twice a day every day, for at least 45 minutes per day. One workout must be outdoors.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day.
  • Take progress pictures every single day.
  • Read 10 pages of a self-help book each day.

75 Hard Challenge Rules PDF – Overview

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1. Think about your goals First, start by thinking about what you’re actually hoping to accomplish this coming year. Is improving your mental game your main objective? If so, then 75 HARD actually may be worth your time — especially if you do well with rigid rules and structure.

However, if you have another goal — or do better in programs that are a little less restrictive — there are plenty of other routes you can take.

If you need to learn more about the challenge before deciding whether or not it’s for you, visit Andy Frisella’s website, listen to his podcast episode on the topic, and consider buying the book.

2. Consult a healthcare professional Better yet: Consult your healthcare professional, a nutritionist, and a certified personal trainer. After all, determining whether you want to do the 75 HARD challenge isn’t enough. You need to figure out how to do it in a way that’s sustainable, accessible, and aligned with your abilities and health goals.

For example, a CrossFit athlete is going to have different nutritional needs compared to a yogi. Likewise, someone deciding to adhere to the ketogenic diet is likely going to want to take a different approach to movement than someone who doesn’t have to adjust to being in a state of ketosis.

3. Get the gear you need Setting yourself up for success may also mean investing in gear that will allow you to comfortably and safely do workouts outside. Depending on the season, that could mean anything from getting crampons for your hiking boots and a true winter jacket, or getting a quick-dry tank top and raincoat.
4. Build that book stack Oh, and while you’re handing over your CC information… don’t forget to line up the nonfiction book stack.

“The book has to be a self-development book of some sort for personal or professional growth,” Frisella says. “It does not have to be a business book. It can be a psychology book. It does not have to be a book on banking. It can be a book on something else.”

5. Call on your fan base Let’s cut to the chase: 75 days is a long time — it’s an especially long period of time to be making some tough sacrifices.

It will be easiest for you to overcome moments of hesitation or temptation if you have the support of your accountability partners — whether they’re fit friends or family. So, be brave and tell people you trust that you’re committing to this journey.

Maybe even gather a group of people to join with you. Just make sure that the person(s) you choose to embark on the program are as committed to it as you are.

6. Adjust as needed Look, it’s called 75 “HARD” for a reason: This is an I-N-T-E-N-S-E regimen. But don’t let that keep you from making alterations to the program that you may need to make for your health.

For example, if you have a lower back injury, take a rest day. If taking progress photos is ultimately destructive for your body image, skip that instruction altogether.


After all, doing something for 75 days is kinda neat! But at the end of the day, the goal should be to find a health, wellness, and fitness regimen that is sustainable long-term — not one that’s counterproductive.

As Matheny puts it, “You don’t need to do any kind of extreme challenge to see results, you just need to be consistent.”

Bottom line: 75 Hard is an intense way to kick off your year. But like any other health or wellness venture, your goal should be to make it work in your favor instead of pursuing something that’s not practical or helpful for you.

If this sounds like a good fit, consult your health professional and give it a shot.

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