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A Court of Wings and Ruin
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A Court of Wings and Ruin

Hey guys, today we are going to provide A Court of Wings and Ruin PDF for all of you. A Court of Wings and Ruin is a fantasy and fiction book. It was written by Sarah J. Maas. Sarah Janet Maas is known as an American fantasy author and is best known for her debut series Throne of Glass which was published in 2012.

She got many awards including Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Fantasy and Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction. Her A Court of Thorns and Roses series was published in 2015. A Court of Wings and Ruin got a rating of 4.5/5 on PDF Stop. A Court of Wings and Ruin is liked by 96% of Google users.

It was originally published on 2 May 2017. It was preceded by A Court of Mist and Fury and followed by A Court of Frost and Starlight. This amazing book was nominated for many awards including Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Young Adult Fantasy & science fiction. Below you can read a court of wings and ruin summary by chapter.

A Court of Wings and Ruin PDF: Details

Book Name A Court of Wings and Ruin
Authors Sarah J. Maas
Pages 700
Publish Date 2 May 2017
Language English
Genre Fantasy & Fiction

A Court of Wings and Ruin PDF – A Court of Wings and Ruin Summary

Chapter 1:
  • She is in the Spring Court, painting a picture of flowers and trying to pretend she is okay. She still has both of her tattoos but she is using glamour to hide them.
  • Ianthe is coming to explain to Feyre why she gave up her sisters to the King of Hybern. Feyre has a new bedroom at the manor, her old one was completely trashed by Tamlin.
  • She now stays in a room just across from Lucien. Lucien keeps asking Feyre where Rhys would take Elain, and says he needs to find her- he is worried about what is happening to her there.
  • He doesn’t believe Feyre when she says that Elain will be fine there. Ianthe says she is sorry and that she acted on a desire to give Feyre what she thought she wanted but did not dare voice – to have her sisters with her forever.
  • She says Hybern’s forces are too great to stop anyway. Tamlin says part of his bargain with the King was that he guarantee the people of the Spring Court will not be harmed.
  • But he has told a lot of his court to relocate to the East for the time being just in case. Jurian and the first delegation will arrive the next day.
Chapter 2:
  • Jurian and two commanders are coming to survey the wall and test for the perfect spot to rent it once the Cauldron has restored its strength – turning her sisters into Fae have drained it.
  • Feyre needs to find out where they plan to strike and how long the Cauldron will take to get back to full capacity. Feyre has only spoken to Rhys once down the bond since she got there – can’t risk using it too often.
  • She told him she was okay and asked about her sisters. He told her he loves her and that they are safe and healing. Jurian arrives with two commanders, male and female twins both with the same ruddy hue and inky black hair – Prince Dagdan and Princess Brannagh who are the nephew and nieces of the King of Hybern.
  • The twins say they will share a room. Feyre and Jurian have a little back and forth, she warns him not to threaten him in her own home. She is putting on a performance, working to convince Tamlin that she loves him and loves the Spring Court.
Chapter 3:
  • Feyre has inherited a curse-breaking ability from Helion, High Lord of the Day Court. They go to the wall and find the first hole. Lucien says he doesn’t know how they were made, some just appeared over the centuries.
  • He says there are three holes in total and then one off the coast. Can’t travel easily to them all, as they can’t winnow directly to them. Feyre asks what side of the first war Lucien would have fought on if he was alive back then, he says he would have fought on the human-Fae alliance.
  • Lucien tells her that he beat Tamlin back to the manor the day she left. He found no trace of her except for the melted ring, he got rid of it before Tamlin could see it. Feyre makes a note of the fact the twins showed no interest in Ianthe at breakfast that morning.
  • She seems to think they may have an incestuous relationship (I feel bad for male/female twins in real life, they’re forever having to deal with the twincest plots in fiction) The twin’s question Feyre about the Night Court and she gives them a lot of false information about it.
Chapter 4:
  • Summer Solstice arrives and Ianthe makes them go to an alter that morning for a ceremony. Feyre had worked with Ianthe on what prayers they should perform so that it would mean the twins, Jurian and Tamlin would help and then she and Lucien would be left on the other side watching them.
  • As the sun rises, Ianthe raises her hands expecting the light to hit her but Feyre has moved the stone Ianthe uses to mark where she stands. And instead, Feyre uses her light power to make herself glow to make it seem like she is the one being blessed.
  • She grabs Lucien’s hand and then he kneels before her, and the others follow in his lead. She allows a little of her glow to spread to Lucien.
  • She speaks to Rhys down the bond to check everyone is okay, they are and he asks when she is coming home and she says soon.
Chapter 5:
  • She wakes from a nightmare that night and goes across to Lucien’s room, in a lacy nightdress. She tells him about her nightmare, throws her arms around him and begins crying. He is comforting her when Tamlin finds them like that.
  • Feyre had set it all up, faked the nightmare and went to Lucien’s when she knew Tamlin would find them.

About the Author A Court of Wings and Ruin

  • Sarah Janet Maas was born on March 5, 1986, in New York City, New York. She is an American fantasy author. She grew up in the Upper West Side neighbourhood, Manhattan. She enjoyed creating stories based on popular tales or myths as a child.
  • She is best known for her debut series Throne of Glass, published in 2012, and her A Court of Thorns and Roses series, published in 2015. Her newest work is the Crescent City series. She has sold over twelve million copies of her books.
  • She has been translated into thirty-seven languages as of 2021. Sarah J. Maas graduated magna cum laude from Hamilton College in Clinton, Oneida County, New York in 2008, where she majored in creative writing and minored in religious studies.
Sarah J. Maas
Sarah Janet Maas

March 5, 1986 (age 36)

New York
Nationality American
Occupation Author
Notable work
  • Throne of Glass
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • Crescent City
Spouse(s) Josh W. Maas (m. 2010)
Children 2

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