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A Triumph of Surgery
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A Triumph of Surgery

Hello friends, today we are going to upload A Triumph of Surgery PDF for all of you. The Class 10 English chapter ‘A Triumph of Surgery’ tells the tale of an overly pampered small dog Tricki. His mistress overindulged him with unhealthy treats like cod-liver oil and malt, which made the dog seriously ill.

The story acts as a metaphor to show children what happens when we eat for pleasure rather than need. The chapter also teaches students to refrain from indulging in a junk-food culture which is growing at an alarming rate among the youth. To know more about this topic you can read ahead.

A Triumph of Surgery PDF – Summary

  • James Alfred Wight is popular as James Herriot, and He was a British veterinary surgeon and writer too. He has written this story A triumph of Surgery. The story starts when Mrs. Pumphrey, a rich lady takes her dog Tricky for a walk outside.
  • A nearby veterinary doctor saw the dog and is in shock as the dog looks like a bloated sausage having a leg at each end. Then He advised her to stop giving him a diet. But Mrs. Pumphrey is not able to refuse the dog. Soon Tricky fell sick and the doctor was called.
  • The narrator, Mr. Herriot somehow takes Tricki to his hospital for treatment, even knowing the fact that Mrs. Pumphrey will never leave the dog. He took the dog along and puts a bed for him during his surgery.
  • For two days dog did not move much and also did not eat anything. On the third day he wanted to go outside and there he started playing with the bigger dogs. He also licked the bowls of other dogs to eat the remaining food.
  • His condition started improving rapidly. Also, he started fighting for his meals with other dogs. After hearing this news Mrs. Pumphrey started sending eggs to the hospital as she thought that Tricki needed energy foods after recovery.
  • But Mr. Herriot and his partners started eating those eggs as morning breakfast. Also, for improving Trick’s blood, Mrs. Pumphrey started sending wine in bottles. But again, Mr. Herriot consumed those. Not only this, when she started sending brandy in bottles they consumed that also.
  • After a few days, Doctor took a wise decision and called up Mrs. Pumphrey as she was much worried, about taking Tricki back home. Tricki was very happy to see his mistress and jumped into the car.
  • Then Mrs. Pumphrey said that she won’t be able to ever thank him for all this wonder. And she said that his surgery had been successful as Tricki was now cured.

Conclusion of A triumph of Surgery

The story signifies that the parents should not be indulgent which may harm their children.

A Triumph of Surgery Question Answer PDF

Ques.1) Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about Tricki? (V. Imp.)

Ans: Mrs. Pumphrey is worried and shocked about Tricki. It has become hugely fat. It looks like a bloated sausage. Its eyes are blood red and rheumy. Its tongue lolls down its jaws.

Ques.2) Who does “I” refer to in this story ?

Ans: “I” in this story, refers to James Herriot, the veterinary surgeon.

Ques.3) What does she do to help him? Is she wise in this ?

Ans: She at once calls Mr. Herriot for Tricki. Mr. Herriot is a veterinary doctor. She is wise in this. No one can know about animals except the veterinary doctor.

Ques.4) How does he treat the dog ?

Ans: He takes the dog Tricki to his surgery. There he does not give much food to it. He instead cuts its food. He keeps it on a strict diet. He keeps it under observation. At the end of the second day, Tricki changes. It starts showing some interest in the surroundings. On the third day, it whimpers.

Ques.5) Is the narrator as rich as Tricki’s mistress ?

Ans: No, the narrator is not as rich as Tricki’s mistress.

A Triumph of Surgery Extra Question Answer PDF

Ques.1) What kind of a person do you think the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is? Would you say he is tactful as well as full of common sense?

Ans: The narrator was a very tactful person. He knew Mrs. Pumphrey was rich and hence would be ready to pay and do anything for her beloved dog. He immediately understood that Tricki didn’t require any medical care. He was just overfed by his mistress, which led him to be lazy and gain a lot of weight.

Ques.2) Do you think this is a real-life episode or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture of both?

Ans: The story is a subtle mix of both reality and fiction. We can come across women like Mrs. Pumphrey in our lives who love to spend lavishly on their pets. She loved pampering her dog and, in that spirit, ended up overfeeding him. This caused him serious health issues and he started to look like a bloated sausage.

Ques.3) Do you think Tricki was happy to go home? What do you think will happen now?

Ans: Tricki was successfully treated and well taken care of by the surgery staff. Mrs. Pumphrey was happy with the results too when she met her dog in a healthy state after he returned. He was happy to go back home, and he jumped on Mrs. Pumphrey and licked her face. But I believe his state will not last long since he has returned home, and Mrs. Pumphrey will feed him lots of food again.

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