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All Tomorrows
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No. of Pages 111
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All Tomorrows

Dear readers, here we are providing All Tomorrows PDF to all of you. The full name of this book is All Tomorrows: A Billion Year Chronicle of the Myriad Species and Mixed Fortunes of Man. Some people say that this book is based on the work of science fiction mythologies.

All Tomorrows was originally published on 4 October 2006. It is written by C.M. Kösemen whose full name is Cevdet Mehmet “Memo” Kösemen. His pen name is Nemo Ramjet. He is a Turkish researcher, artist, photographer, and author who got an ultimate response from the readers.

All Tomorrows PDF – Book Overview

Author C. M. Kosemen
Country Turkey
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Speculative evolution
Body horror
Publication date
4 October 2006
Pages 111

All Tomorrows PDF – Summary

  • Following the colonization of Mars, a brief but catastrophic civil war takes place between Mars and Earth. After both planets make peace with each other, a large-scale colonization initiative is carried out by genetically-engineered humans called Star People throughout the galaxy.
  • Humans then encounter a malevolent and superior alien species called the Qu. The Qu’s religion motivates them to remake the universe through genetic engineering. A short war follows in which humanity is defeated.
  • The Qu bioengineer the surviving humans as punishment into a range of exotic forms, many of them unintelligent. They are left to evolve on their own as the Qu leave the galaxy.
  • The bioengineered humans range from worm-like humans to insectivores and modular and cell-based species. The book follows the progress of these new humans as they either go extinct or regain sapience in wildly different forms and gradually discover that the Qu experimented on them.
  • One race, known as the Ruin Haunters, eventually replaces their bodies with mechanical forms. They now call themselves the Gravitals. The Gravitals colonize the rest of the galaxy while annihilating most life within it, including the other post-human species.
  • They are, themselves, destroyed by the Asteromorphs, the descendants of the human species who escaped experimentation by the Qu. The final chapters of the book detail humanity’s rebound as a posthuman species, their first contact with another galaxy’s life, rediscovering and defeating the Qu, and concluding with the rediscovery of Earth.
  • All Tomorrows ends with a picture of the alien author of the book, holding a billion-year-old human skull and writing that all human species disappeared a billion years ago, for unknown reasons.
  • The author goes on to state that mankind’s story was always about the lives of humans themselves, not major wars and abstract ideals. The author ends by encouraging the reader to “Love Today, and seize All Tomorrows!”

About the Author of All Tomorrows PDF

C. M. Kosemen
Born May 18, 1984 (age 37)

Ankara, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Known for All Yesterdays
All Tomorrows
Surrealist paintings
Website cmkosemen.com

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