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And Stella Turns A Mom Book
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And Stella Turns A Mom Book

Hello guys, here we are going to share And Stella Turns A Mom Book PDF for all of you. And Stella Turns A Mom is one of the famous fictional, erotica and general books. It was written by Roddur Roy. It is a popular Indian novelist, poet, movie maker, spiritualist guru, YouTuber, artist and nature activist who is based in Delhi.

There 100 pages are available in the And Stella Turns A Mom Book. And Stella Turns A Mom Book was originally published on 29 Nov 2019. It was originally written in the English Language. And Stella Turns A Mom published by Notion Press Media Pvt Ltd.

The author of this book Roddur Roy is an Indian novelist, poet, movie maker, spiritualist guru, YouTuber, artist and art and nature activist. He has been working in various art mediums for the last two decades, both in surrealist and postmodernist languages of art.

And Stella Turns A Mom Book PDF: Details

And Stella Turns A Mom Book PDF

  • Stella Grant is a chronically ill teen with cystic fibrosis (CF). She’s been in and out of hospitals for lengthy treatments most of her life. A rule-follower and control freak, Stella is careful to take her medications on time and do whatever is needed to maintain her treatment regimen.
  • Only then can she hope for a lung transplant. She maintains a website through which tens of thousands of viewers follow her journey. Her friend, Poe, who also has CF, is a patient at the same hospital. They communicate frequently, but often via text. Individuals with CF must remain 6 feet apart at all times to avoid sharing life-threatening germs.
  • Will Newman is a new patient at the hospital. His wealthy mother has arranged for him to participate in clinical trials all over the world. Nothing has helped. Will’s problem is worse than Stella’s and Poe’s. On top of CF, he has a condition called B. cepacia, which will deplete his lung function rapidly.
  • This condition makes him ineligible for a lung transplant and far more dangerous to other CF patients. Will’s mother has signed him up for another trial at this hospital, but Will has given up on getting better. He’s days from turning 18. When he’s a legal adult, his mother can no longer force him into treatments.
  • He ignores his prescribed medications and bides his time until he can leave the hospital. Shortly after Will arrives, he lets his friends Jason and Hope use his hospital room for sex. Stella dislikes the way Will spurns the rules, and she ignores him. Despite their initial animosity, the two develop an interest in one another.
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  • Stella convinces Will to give this new B. cepacia treatment is a fair shot. She helps him set up his pills and creates alarms to remind them to take their medications and exercise together. They roam the hospital whenever they can get past Nurse Barb, but they’re always cautious to keep the 6 feet of distance between them.
  • Will learns Stella is still grieving the death of her older sister and best friend, Abby. Abby died a year ago in a diving accident. Stella blames herself; she was supposed to go on the trip but had a CF flare up and backed out. Stella’s parents have divorced under the strain of one daughter’s death and another’s a chronic illness. When Stella develops an infection during her stay in the hospital, Will tries to comfort her in the way Abby once did.
  • Stella and Will attempt to “date” from 6 feet apart. She invites Poe, her friends, and Will’s friends to a secret 18th birthday party for Will at the hospital. They enjoy the time until Barb catches on and shuts them down. Readers learn Barb watched a pair of young lovers with CF die years earlier because they ignored their 6-foot boundaries.
  • In an uncharacteristic act of rebellion against CF, Stella decides to “take back” a foot the illness has stolen from her and Will. She decides that if they’re very careful to keep themselves disinfected and wear sterile gloves, they can maintain a distance of 5 feet instead of 6. Stella carries around a pool stick, 5 feet in length, so she and Will can gauge their boundary.
  • Poe dies suddenly, leaving Stella to grieve for another person close to her. When Will and Stella escape from the hospital for a date one night, Stella gets a text saying new lungs have arrived for her. She doesn’t respond to the text because she wants nothing more than to be with Will.
  • When Stella falls through ice on a frozen pond, Will is forced to give her CPR. He’s afraid she won’t be able to accept the new lungs because he’s poisoned her with his B. cepacia. The doctors follow through with the lung surgery, but Will realizes he has to get away from Stella so she will have a chance to live a healthy life. He packs up and leaves the hospital.
  • Eight months later, Stella’s new lungs are working well, and she’s enjoying good health. Will and a friend are off to Italy when they see Stella and her friends at the airport. The girls are preparing to board the same flight. Will looks tired and carries oxygen while Stella is breathing well with her new lungs. They smile at each other from 5 feet apart.

And Stella Turns A Mom Review

  • And Stella Turns a Mom is a journey from the mundane corporate scenario to the Cosmic Truth revealed to open the human psychological perception—especially the female perception—towards the self, sexuality, motherhood and the cosmic responsibilities and realization of an individual in everyday life and work.
  • It is the unfolding of a male psyche towards discovering the female psyche and the social as well cosmic value of humanity and realization of the soul and energy-level balance of all the cosmic beings aligned to the self-area of defining the ‘me’ sector of possession.
  • The sense of self as a resource in the individualistic, social and cosmic quest of self-discoveries is covered in a postmodernist and, at times, sub-verse language.
  • The experimental use of language and alternative cultural perception of observing human relations linked and juxtaposed to social and soul-level evolution is focused upon in the work.
  • Stella, the symbol of the female heart-mind-body and the humanity of motherhood defined in the individual responsibilities of creating and holding a state of stability from a spiritual viewpoint, expressed in the language of consciousness theories, in the guise of love for a woman and mother, from a man’s point of view.

About the Author of And Stella Turns A Mom

  • Roddur Roy is an Indian novelist, poet, movie maker, spiritualist guru, YouTuber, artist and art and nature activist based in Delhi.
  • He has been working in various art mediums for the last two decades, both in surrealist and postmodernist languages of art.
  • With a background in consciousness science research and IT business process consultancy, he has been working to mingle the mundane and cosmic perception of the self and masses through art implementation towards the establishment of global peace and harmony.
  • Roddur Roy is the founder of Marxism, the practice of liberty, love and peace an establishment created to reach social and individual salvation through literature, performing arts and spirituality.

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