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Anger Iceberg
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Anger Iceberg

Dear readers, here we are providing Anger Iceberg PDF to all of you. As you know that only a few percent of parts of an Iceberg that we can see outside but 90% of its remain under the water. Similarly, An Anger Iceberg depicts the reality of the anger because when someone got angry there are several other emotions that are hiding under the anger of that particular person. Anger is sometimes used to mask emotions that make a person feel vulnerable, such as hurt or shame.

Like any other emotion, the feeling of anger is communicating something to us. Self-awareness may be difficult in times of anger, since feeling mad often cuts off the parts of our mind that are rational or logical. Slowing your thoughts down and examining each one may be very productive in helping you find better ways to cope with the feeling of anger.

Anger Iceberg Activity PDF

How to use the anger iceberg to examine your anger

The next time you feel angry, really take a deep look into what else you feel besides anger.

When you’re angry, ask yourself these questions to gain a better understanding of your anger iceberg:

  • How am I acting right now? How does my current display of anger mask another emotion that I feel?
  • If I were a friend or someone else in this situation, what might I also be feeling?
  • Have there been times in the past where I felt angry in a situation, but later realized I was feeling something else?

Look for patterns or themes. Examining your responses may lead you to understand the underwater parts of your anger iceberg. Even taking the time to ask yourself introspective questions is a great first step in working on your anger and exploring your implicit emotions – emotions that might not be fiery like anger, but are nonetheless important to your overall mental well-being.

Gottman Anger Iceberg PDF

The anger iceberg is great to use to control your own anger. However, it is also helpful to control your reactions to others. For instance, let’s assume that you see someone’s angry actions and you then become angry. By using the anger iceberg, it will quickly become apparent the other person has feelings causing him or her to behave in this irrational manner.

It is much more difficult to become angry with someone when you recognize they are showing anger out of fear, insecurity, jealousy, or hurt. When one recognizes this, it is much easier to use empathy to understand their situation. This will then enable you to help that person deal with their anger, or at least help you to stay calm in this situation.

My last point I want to make is that many people, especially men, subscribe to the notion that it is okay to show anger by being violent. However, it is not okay to show other emotions, such as sadness, guilt, fear, shame, and inferiority. It is no mistake that many of these feelings fit the part of the anger iceberg that is hidden below in the water’s depths and do not surface because of societal expectations.

I challenge everyone to discuss their true feelings, instead of taking the “macho” route and only expressing the symptomatic anger. Remember to look beneath the anger and deal with the true emotions. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling other than anger?” This will certainly increase the chances of reducing one’s anger while helping to change how our society treats emotions.

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