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Cadillac Desert
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Cadillac Desert

Dear readers, here we are presenting Cadillac Desert PDF to all of you. Cadillac Desert is a historical book that was originally published in 1986. Cadillac Desert was written by Marc Reisner who was born on 14 September 1948, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cadillac Desert was an American writer.

Apart from being a writer, he was also a famous environmentalist and also worked as a professor, and was known for his lecture on the relationship between urbanization and environmental concerns. Cadillac Desert is a history of water management in the American West. After originally published in 1986 this book was also revised and updated in 1993.

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  • 0ne late November night in 1980 I was flying over the state of Utah on my way back to California. I had an aisle seat, and since I believe that anyone who flies in an aeroplane and doesn’t spend most of his time looking out the window wastes his money, I walked back to the rear door of the aeroplane and stood for a long time at the door’s tiny aperture, squinting out at Utah.
  • Two days earlier, a fierce early blizzard had gone through the Rocky Mountain states. In its wake, the air was pellucid. The frozen fire of a winter’s moon poured cold light on the desert below. Six inches away from the tip of my nose the temperature was, according to the pilot, minus sixty-five, and seven miles below it was four above zero.
  • But here we were, two hundred highly inventive creatures safe and comfortable inside a fat winged cylinder racing toward the Great Basin of North America, dozing, drinking, chattering, oblivious to the frigid emptiness outside.
  • Emptiness. There was nothing down there on the earth-no towns, no light, no signs of civilization at all. Barren mountains rose duskily from the desert floor; isolated mesas and buttes broke the wind-haunted distance.
  • You couldn’t see much in the moonlight, but obviously, there were no forests, no pastures, no lakes, no rivers; there was no fruited plain. I counted the minutes between clusters of lights.
  • Six, eight, nine, eleven-going nine miles a minute, that was a lot of uninhabited distance in a crowded century, a lot of emptiness amid a civilization whose success was achieved on the pretension that natural obstacles did not exist.
  • Then the landscape heaved upward. We were crossing a high, thin cordillera of mountains, their tops already covered with snow, The Wasatch Range. As suddenly as the mountains appeared, they fell away, and a vast gridiron of lights appeared out of nowhere.
  • It was clustered thickly under the aircraft and trailed off toward the south, erupting in ganglionic clots that winked and shimmered. in the night. Salt Lake City, Orem, Draper, Provo: we were over most of the population of Utah. That thin avenue of civilization pressed against the Wasatches, intimidated by a fierce desert on three sides, was a poignant sight.
  • More startling than its existence was the fact that it had been there only 134 years, since Brigham Young led his band of social outcasts to the old bed of a drying desert sea and proclaimed, “This is the place!” This was the place? Someone in that first group must have felt that Young had become unhinged by two thousand horribly arduous miles.
  • Nonetheless, within hours of ending their ordeal, the Mormons were digging shovels into the earth beside the streams draining the Wasatch Range, leading canals into the surrounding desert which they would convert to fields that would nourish them.

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