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CIA Astral Projection Gateway
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CIA Astral Projection Gateway

Dear readers, here we are providing CIA Astral Projection Gateway PDF to all of you. It introduces methodological frames of reference like hypnosis, transcendental meditation, spiritual belief systems, biofeedback, quantum physics, and universal holograms. The CIA did not invent the Gateway Report and the Gateway Experience on its own.

It used teachings from a man named Robert Monroe, who later founded an organization called The Monroe Institute. According to the report, the Absolute is essentially the governing energy of the Universe en masse. It powers the universal hologram that is all of its entirety. The report makes multiple attempts to visualize this universal hologram or “cosmic egg” as one big constantly flowing spiral.

CIA Astral Projection Gateway PDF

In 1983, the CIA’s Gateway Report was produced by Itzhak Bentov, an Israeli-American engineer in biomedicine, and Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, a U.S. Army Lieutenant. In 2003, this intriguing 28-page report became declassified. The document was released, but the highly crucial page 25 was, for whatever reason, still missing.

For those not well acquainted with the concept, astral projection is often considered similar in nature to “out of body” experiences. Individuals that partake in the practice believe that, with the right technologies and guidance, humans can become capable of training their consciences to be able to travel beyond the barriers of space-time, allowing our minds to explore the universe and other realities.

Our minds become no longer confined to the space-time dimension we’re so familiar with. Perhaps this is how it feels to live in a simulation, the kind postulated by the Simulation Theory.  Such a unique feeling might be some leftover residue from another reality and it remains in the unconscious along with our memories of other times and places.

In the CIA report, McDonnell states that his primary goal was to be able to build an accurate and valid model of the functions of consciousness to remove the occult stigma attached to out-of-body experiences. There could actually be a practical application for the practice, but that has yet to be seen.

He does note that if the military were to somehow involve themselves with an astral projection of any sort, there could be the risk of potential encounters when passing the boundaries of space-time in which humans may come across non-corporeal and coherent energy of life forms, and they would certainly need to be prepared for it.

The United States Army spent years after this trying to conduct “remote viewing” missions by training the possibly psychic abilities of soldiers for them to project and observe various locations across the planet.

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