Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022 PDF

Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022 PDF Download

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Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022
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Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022

here in this post, we are going to present Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022 PDF. Civil Services Examination is a type of examination that must be cleared by those who want to get a job in Government or Civil Services, as the name of the examination suggests. Governments around the world implement a variety of exams, but all aim to use this method to use the exam as a qualification system for assessing applicants’ ability to work in the public sector.

In the Philippines, the Civil Services Examination is created and administered by the Civil Services Commission (CSC). The commission also keeps a record of all those who passed the exam for future reference.

Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022 PDF – Overview

Finding the right and best answer if you really don’t know it:

Sometimes, there are questions we can’t really answer, no matter how hard we try. Remember, Einstein struggled many times to find answers to his questions…

Anyway, you should not worry because Civil Services Exam – Professional and Sub-professional levels are not as tough as some board exams like CPA and Bar.

The general concepts and topics never change and are never updated like the CPA and bar exams. Reviewing it thoroughly will really help you find the best answer. Follow these tips:

  • Analyze the given question thoroughly. Know exactly what is being asked and don’t go too deep or too deep.
  • Don’t confuse yourself, especially when many of the options are slightly similar or related to each other. You have to find the ‘best’ option.
  • Apply your chosen answer to the given statement or equation, especially in numerical reasoning or math problems. We call this double-checking. If it makes sense, that’s right.
  • Use the elimination method to find the best answer.
  • Use analogy and continuity for synonyms and terminology.
  • Believe in yourself because you know deep inside yourself whether you can pass the exam or not.

If you really can’t answer the questions, then after listening to our tips on finding the best and correct answers, download our answer key eBook and check your answers to see if they are correct.

Why Should I Take and Pass the Civil Service Exam?

The civil service exam is held twice a year to determine which individuals are suitable to work for the Philippine government. Clearing this exam entitles you to civil services which is a qualification you have to fulfill if you want to work in a government office or agency. This exam is not only for college graduates who want to become civil servants. If you are already working as a contract/job order/contingency/special project worker in the government, then clearing the civil services exam gives you a chance to become a regular employee and be entitled to the incentives and benefits that come with it Get.

Depending on which government position you’re aiming for, you can take either the sub-professional level exam, which will help you apply for first-level positions such as craft, clerical, trade, and custodial service positions. will enable; and the professional level exam, a more challenging test given to those who wish to qualify for first and second-level government positions (up to division chief) related to professional, technical, and scientific work.

What To Review for the Civil Service Exam

scope of civil service exam

  • Personal Information (20 questions) like your name, birth date, etc.
  • General Information (15 to 20 questions) which revolves around the Philippine Constitution, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (RA 6713), Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts, and Environment Management and Protection
  • Verbal Ability (50-60 questions in English or Filipino) which will test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and correct usage, reading comprehension, and paragraph/passage/sentence organization
  • Numerical Ability (40-45 questions in English or Filipino) which includes word problems, graph interpretation, and basic operations/simple arithmetic

Verbal Ability Modules and Readings (to be updated)

1. Grammar.

  • Parts of Speech/Grammatical Categories
  • Sentence Structure/Construction
  • Punctuation
  • Subject-verb Agreement
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • Verb Tense
  • Common Grammar Mistakes
  • Parallelism or Principle of Parallel Structure
  • Balarilang Filipino

2. Vocabulary.

  • Parts of a Word
  • Word Meanings
  • Confusing Words/Correct Usage
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Homonyms
  • Contextual Meaning
  • Talasalitaan

3. Paragraph Organization.

4. Reading Comprehension.

Here you can free download Civil Service Reviewer with Answer Key 2022 PDF by clicking the link given below.

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