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Climate Change Causes
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Climate Change Causes

Dear friends, here we are going to offer the Climate Change Causes PDF for all of you. If you are also searching for it on the internet but are unable to find it anywhere then this article will be very fruitful for you. Climate is the average weather in a place over many years. Climate change is a shift in those average conditions.

The main cause of climate change is burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. When burnt, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the air, causing the planet to heat up. Human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and destroying rainforests, have an increasing influence on the climate and the Earth’s temperature.

Climate Change Causes Effects and Solutions PDF

  • There are many different factors that are contributing to the accelerated rate at which the climate is changing. Some of these factors are out of our control and happen in nature without human influence.
  • Volcanic eruptions and meteor strikes in the past have contributed to climate change by quickly and drastically altering the conditions here on earth.
  • Other natural occurrences that have played a part in altering the climate include changes in the sun and changes in the earth’s orbit.

Climate Change and Animal Agriculture

  • In 2006, a United Nations report sounded the alarm about animal agriculture’s impact on climate change with a report titled Livestock’s Long Shadow, finding that greenhouse emissions from this sector were greater than all transportation combined.
  • Despite these warnings, the situation has only grown more serious as emission levels have been stacking up. Even a brief snapshot of greenhouse gas emissions paints a damning image of animal agriculture. Nitrous oxide, packing 300 times more punch when it comes to heating the atmosphere, is produced in livestock manure.
  • Animal agriculture is responsible for an estimated 65 percent of anthropogenic nitrous oxide emissions. Methane, accounting for roughly 40 percent of agriculture emissions, is a potent greenhouse gas emitted from sources including the digestive process of ruminants such as cows.
  • Yet it is the rapacious demand for hamburgers, steaks, and cheese that is the real culprit behind these emissions.

What is the impact of climate change?

  • Extreme weather events are already more intense, threatening lives and livelihoods.
  • With further warming, some regions could become uninhabitable, as farmland turns into desert.
  • In other regions, the opposite is happening, with extreme rainfall causing historic flooding – as seen recently in China, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • People in poorer countries will suffer the most as they do not have the money to adapt to climate change.
  • Many farms in developing countries already have to endure climates that are too hot and this will only get worse.
  • Our oceans and their habitats are also under threat. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, for example, has already lost half of its corals since 1995 due to warmer seas driven by climate change.

The Global Temperature is Rising

  • Warming Oceans
  • Shrinking Ice Sheets
  • Glacial Retreat
  • Decreased Snow Cover
  • Sea Level Rise
  • Declining Arctic Sea Ice
  • Extreme Events
  • Ocean Acidification

What Are The Future Effects Of Climate Change?

  • Temperatures Will Continue To rise
  • Frost-free Season Will Lengthen
  • Changes In Precipitation Patterns
  • More Droughts And Heat Waves
  • Hurricanes Will Become Stronger And More Intense
  • Sea Level Will Rise
  • Arctic Likely To Become Ice-free
  • Climate Change Solutions

How will different parts of the world be affected?

Climate change has different effects in different areas of the world. Some places will warm more than others, some will receive more rainfall and others will face more droughts.

If temperature rise cannot be kept within 1.5C:

  • The UK and Europe will be vulnerable to flooding caused by extreme rainfall.
  • Countries in the Middle East will experience extreme heatwaves and farmland could turn into deserts.
  • Island nations in the Pacific region could disappear under rising seas.
  • Many African nations are likely to suffer droughts and food shortages.
  • Drought conditions are likely in the western US, while other areas will see more intense storms.
  • Australia is likely to suffer extremes of heat and drought.

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