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Condominium Lottery 2022

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Addis Ababa City Administration will hold a lottery ceremony to transfer 25,491 condominium house units to registrants under the 40/60 and 20/80 savings plans. According to the mayor, the administration will transfer the houses built under the 40/60 savings scheme for the third time while the houses built under the 20/80 scheme will be transferred for the 14th time.

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Current cost of one square foot dwelling As per a decision made by the Board of Directors on 5th December 2014, the current price of one square meter transfer is

  • 20/80 Housing Development Program 7,997.17 Bir
  • 40/60 Housing Development Program is 11,162.97 births.
  • With regard to the location, type and number of houses to be constructed
  • 40 40/60 Housing Development Program
  • o grandpa 2; Speak in the Shell: When Bubble Lot 2
  • 20 20/80 Home Development Program
  • O Blessings: Bole Arbasa (Site 3:5, 6); soldier; Jemo Gaara: Goro Selassie, Fury Hanna, and Fanuel

Based on type and number of houses In 20/80, a number of rooms in the studio – is 3318 single-bedroom 7171 double-bed; There are 8159 in total 18648.

40/60 One-Bedroom: 1870 Two-Bedroom 4220 and Three-Bedroom 753 Total 25491 houses.

By decision of the Board of Directors of Instruction No. 3/2011 to transfer condominiums and commercial houses to the beneficiaries. More than 96% of 20/80 houses and more than 87% of 40/60 houses are under construction.
The condition of this round of lottery participants (home applicant registration) is that they have saved as of February 21, 2014.

According to the bank, 27,195, 20,580 housing development programs and 52,599 40/60 housing development programs, totaling 79,794 nominations have been included in this lottery. In detail the position of the lottery participants in terms of the types of houses offered for the lottery About 20/80 existing customers (1997) and 40/60 customers as per guidelines no. 3/2011. is described in

  • 20 20% of government employees
  • women 30%,
  • 55% of the disabled and 45% of the total nominees will be identified by lottery.

Bir 18.7 billion from bank bond loans and Bir 2.871 billion from the regular budget for the construction of houses have been spent by the city administration to qualify for the project. A total of 79,794 enrollments in 20/80 Housing Development Program 27,195 and 40/60 Housing Development Program 52,599 have been included in this round.

Of the houses transferred during this round, those found during the screening process have been adjusted for development and the rest have been included.

In the 17 years since the inception of the 17 Housing Development Programme, only about 300,000 homes have been provided to the community. The lottery is in chronological order and the 20/80 program has 97 nominees in first place. In the case of three bedrooms, the program will be considered in a special manner after the decision of the Board in the final round.


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