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Curse of Strahd
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Curse of Strahd

Dear readers, here we are offering Curse of Strahd PDF to all of you. Curse of Strahd is a popular adventure book which is written by Chris Perkins, Jeremy Crawford, Laura Hickman, Wizards RPG Team, Tracy Hickman, and Richard Whitters who all are well-known authors.

Curse of Strahd was originally published on15 March 2016. Far below, yet not beyond his keen eyesight, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd’s face forms the barest hint of a smile as his dark plan unfolds. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner.

Curse of Strahd PDF – Chapter Summary

  • Foreword by Tracy Hickman
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Into the Mists: Covers Strahd’s backstory and gives instructions for the Tarokka reading and provides possible adventure hooks.
  • Chapter 2: The Lands of Barovia: Gives the lay of the land and the effects on magic.
  • Chapter 3: The Village of Barovia: Tells about the areas of the village of Barovia.
  • Chapter 4: Castle Ravenloft: Tells about the areas of Castle Ravenloft.
  • Chapter 5: The Town of Vallaki: Tells about the areas of Vallaki.
  • Chapter 6: Old Bonegrinder: Tells about areas of this Night Hag-infested windmill.
  • Chapter 7: Argynvostholt: Tells about the mansion that houses the revenants of the fallen Order of the Silver Dragon.
  • Chapter 8: The Village of Krezk: This is about the Village of Krezk and its abbey.
  • Chapter 9: Tsolenka Pass: This is about the encounter on the way to the Amber Temple.
  • Chapter 10: The Ruins of Berez: Is about the ruins currently being overused by Baba Lysaga and her Creeping Hut.
  • Chapter 11: van Richten’s Tower: This is about the tower where Rudolph van Richten used to hide.
  • Chapter 12: The Wizard of Wines: Says how the characters can get the winery to give joy to Barovians again.
  • Chapter 13: The Amber Temple: Tells about the forbidden temple where Strahd became a Vampire.
  • Chapter 14: Yester Hill: The hill where the druids are bringing life to Wintersplinter, the tree blight.
  • Chapter 15: Werewolf Den: The home of the werewolf pack.
  • Epilogue: Talks about the conclusion of the adventure.
  • Appendix A: Character Options: Offers the Haunted One background and gives a table for gothic trinkets.
  • Appendix B: Death House: An introductory adventure about a haunted house.
  • Appendix C: Treasure: an index on all the new magic items.
  • Appendix D: Monsters and NPCs: Gives info and stat blocks for all the new monsters and NPCs.
  • Appendix E: The Tarokka Deck: Gives background information on the Tarokka Deck.
  • Appendix F: Handouts: All the needed handouts and letters for the adventure.

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