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Digital Fluency Notes
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Digital Fluency Notes

Dear reader, if you are searching for Digital Fluency Notes PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. The word ‘flouncy’ is derived from ‘flow’ and when we think of ‘working’ in any context, it is flexible, precise, effective, and appropriate. In other words, language and speech flow naturally and smoothly because of the way we use our skills. In the digital context of learning, proficiency in using technologies is “immediate and strategic for learning, work, and play and the incorporation of technology into teaching and learning to improve outcomes for all students”.

Digital Fluency Notes PDF

Broadly speaking, digital fluency is a combination of:

  • digital, or technical, proficiency: able to use, select and understand the technologies and technological systems;

  • digital literacy: cognitive or intellectual competencies, which include being able to read, create, evaluate, make judgments, and apply technical skills while doing so;

  • social competence, or dispositional knowledge: the ability to associate with others and communicate with them effectively.

“Fluency” is broader than “literacy.”

‘Digital literacy’ means acquiring the skills to understand and create and choose the technologies to do so. To be proficient requires abilities and abilities beyond the skill level. Anyone who is digitally proficient can not only pick up tools and learn what to do with them but can also explain why they work the way they do and when the context changes. How do they adapt to their work?

For example, if you are literate, you can follow the instructions to set up the document you want to share online and use it for a clear purpose. If you’re skilled, you can choose from a variety of tools yourself and navigate spaces of collaboration with other people effectively and confidently to achieve similar results.

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