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48 Laws of Power
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48 Laws of Power

Dear reader, if you are searching for 48 Laws of Power PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then dont worry you are on the right page. Robert Greene has had a tremendous career as one of those writers who loves to share the written word with everyone; These writers believe that every human being is entitled to a fair share of universal knowledge and power. With an open mind, he approaches life, separating ignorance from knowledge, and assuring the viewer of the unchanging reality of inner strength.

Why start immediately? – Stay with us to know: The “48 Laws of Power Abstraction” speaks on behalf of Green for adults, children, all students, entrepreneurs, multiracial activists and power seekers. Builds happiness and skill. As a detail-oriented book, Green believes his masterpiece can initiate an inner transformation and awaken the “dormant potential” of a person’s mind.

48 Laws of Power PDF

Law 1: Never Shine More Than Your Master

Law 2: Never Trust Too Much On Friends, Learn To Use Your Enemies

Law 3: Hide Your Intentions

Law 4: Speak Less Than Necessary

Law 5: Everything Depends On Your Reputation. Protect It With Your Life

Law 6: Attract Attention At All Costs

Law 7: Let Others Work For You, But Take The Credit

Law 8: Make Them Come To You

Law 9: Win With Actions, Never With Arguments

Law 10: Avoid Sad And Unlucky People

Law 11: Make Others Rely On You

Law 12: Use Selective Honesty And Generosity To Disarming Your Victims

Law 13: When Seeking Help, Appeal To Their Own Self Interest, Never To Their Compassion

Law 14: Position As A Friend, Be A Spy

Law 15: Completely Destroy Your Enemy

Law 16: Use Your Absence To Increase Your Respect And Honor.

Law 17: Keep Others Into A Suspended Terror. Create An Air Of Unpredictability

Law 18: Do Not Build Forts To Protect Yourself. Isolation Is Dangerous

Law 19: Know With Who You Are Dealing. Never Offend The Wrong Person

Law 20: Never Commit To Anyone

Law 21: Play Dummy To Mislead

Law 22: Know When To Surrender: Transform Your Weakness Into Power

Law 23: Gather Your Strengths

Law 24: Be A Court Jester

Law 25: Reinvent Yourself

Law 26: Keep Your Hands Clean

Law 27: Play With Others Need To Believe In Something

Law 28: Be Emphatic When Acting.

Law 29: Plan Every Movement Until The End

Law 30: Make Your Achievements Look Easy

Law 31: Control The Opinions: Make Them Play With Your Cards

Law 32: Play With Their Fantasies

Law 33: Find The Weaknesses In Each

Law 34: Act Of Royalty To Be Treated As A King

Law 35: Understand How To Act At The Right Time

Law 36: Disdain What You Cannot Have

Law 37: Create Spectacles And Entertain

Law 38: Think  As You Like, But Behave Like The Others

Law 39: Stir Up Waters To Catch Fish

Law 40: Despise The Free Lunch

Law 41: Avoid Taking The Place That Was Occupied By A Great Man

Law 42: Strike The Shepherd, And The Sheep Will Disperse

Law 43: Work The Hearts And Minds Of Others

Law 44: Disarm And Infuriate With The Mirror Effect

Law 45: Preach The Need For Change, But Never Reform Too Much At Once

Law 46: Never Appear Too Perfect

Law 47: Do Not Go Beyond The Pre-Established Victory

Law 48: Assume Formlessness

Key Lessons from “The 48 Laws of Power”

  1. Never eclipse your superiors
  2. Do not trust allies, but understand the utility of enemies
  3. Spare your words

Author Robert Greene

Robert Greene was born on 14 May 1959 in Los Angeles, California, USA. An American-born and highly acclaimed author on war strategy, power, and the role of status in society, he is one of the greatest writers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Before starting his career as a writer, Robert tried various jobs in Hollywood as a translator, editor, and for some time a film writer.

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