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Crime and Punishment
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Crime and Punishment

Hello guys, here we are going to upload a Crime and Punishment PDF for all of you. Crime and Punishment is one of the most wonderful Literary fiction novels. It was written by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment are considered the first great novel of the mature period of writing by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

It was first published in 1866 in the literary journal The Russian Messenger in twelve monthly instalments. Crime and Punishment were later published in a single volume. The original title of this novel Преступление и наказание. This novel is so popular and meaningful that it is also known as one of the supreme achievements in the field of literature.

The author of this book Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky was a very talented Russian author, novelist, short story writer, essayist and journalist. He was born on 11 November 1821. He was the writer of the most acclaimed novels which included Crime and Punishment (1866), The Idiot (1869), Demons (1872), and The Brothers Karamazov (1880). He died on 9 February 1881.

Crime and Punishment PDF Overview

  • Book Name
  • Author
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky
Original title Преступление и наказание
Language Russian
Genre Literary fiction
Publisher The Russian Messenger (series)
Publication date
1866; separate edition 1867
OCLC 26399697
Dewey Decimal
891.73/3 20
LC Class PG3326 .P7 1993

Crime and Punishment Summary PDF

One July day in St. Petersburg, a poor young man slips out of his apartment and goes out. He is Rodion Romanych Raskolnikov, a former student, and he is preoccupied with something. He arrives at the apartment of Alyona Ivanovna, a pawnbroker, where he is attempting a trial of the unknown deed obsessing him.

He has pawned something to this woman a month before and now pawns an old watch for much less than he had hoped to get. As the woman gets her money, he watches and listens very carefully, storing up details in his memory. He leaves after vaguely mentioning that he may come back soon with another pledge.

Tormented, he wanders down the street, mentally at war with himself. He happens upon a tavern, where he stops to eat and drink something, and feels better after doing so. There, he meets Semyon Zakharovich Marmeladov, a retired official and a drunkard. Marmeladov pours out his life story to Raskolnikov, telling about his consumptive wife Katerina Ivanovna, his three small children, and his oldest daughter Sofya (Sonya), who has had to prostitute herself to earn money for the family.

Marmeladov himself had recently acquired a position, but almost immediately lost it through his alcoholism. He has been away from home for five days, having stolen his salary money and spent it all on drinks. Marmeladov asks Raskolnikov to take him home. Rodion does so, and witnesses how Katerina Ivanovna falls on her husband and drags him about by his hair.

She kicks Raskolnikov out, assuming him to be a drinking partner of her husband’s. As he leaves, he places a handful of change on their windowsill unnoticed. Outside, he regrets this action but knows he cannot go back to get the money.

The next day, he awakens feeling unrested. Nastasya, the landlady’s servant, comes in with some tea for him, as well as leftovers from the previous day’s meal (since he is behind on his rent, the landlady has stopped sending his dinner up to him).

She also tells him that he has received a letter. Agitated, he sends her to get it and orders her out of the room so he can read it. The letter is from his mother, Pulcheria Alexandrovna, and mostly concerns his sister Avdotya Romanovna, or Dunya.

Dunya had been working as a governess in the house of the Svidrigailov family, but the husband’s unfortunate attraction to her led the wife to kick Dunya out on the assumption that the girl had initiated the attraction. Marfa Petrovna, the wife, then proceeded to sully Dunya’s reputation in town, until Svidrigailov himself came forward with evidence of Dunya’s purity and innocence.

At that point, Marfa Petrovna had completely reversed herself and gone about restoring Dunya’s honour with comic zeal. She had also arranged for a relation of hers, one Pyotr Petrovich Luzhin, to meet Dunya, and this gentleman had become engaged to Dunya.

Following Luzhin, Pulcheria Alexandrovna and Dunya would be coming to Petersburg shortly, and are very much looking forward to seeing Rodion.

About the Author of Crime and Punishment

Born Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
11 November 1821
Moscow, Moskovsky Uyezd, Moscow Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 9 February 1881 (aged 59)
Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Governorate, Russian Empire
  • Military engineer
  • novelist
  • journalist
Education Military Engineering-Technical University, St. Petersburg
  • Novel
  • short story
  • journalism
  • Philosophy
  • Christianity
  • Theology
Literary movement Realism
Notable works
  • Notes from Underground (1864)
  • Crime and Punishment (1866)
  • The Idiot (1868–1869)
  • Demons (1871–1872)
  • The Brothers Karamazov (1879–1880)
Years active 1846–1880
Maria Dmitriyevna Isaeva​

(m. 1857; died 1864)

Anna Grigoryevna Snitkina
(m. 1867)​
Children 4, including Lyubov Dostoevskaya

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