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DA Order July 2022

Here in this post, we are going to present DA Order July 2022 PDF. The Government of India decides the dearness stipend for Central Government employees twice a year. The dearness stipend is revised to imitate the annual increase in the existing cost. This percentage is intended based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which actions inflation rates in India. The latest CPI data shows that increase in India by 125 points

It is considered as a percentage of Basic Pay and Dearness Pay. It is given to the staff on a monthly base. The Dearness Allowance is calculated on the basis of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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Expected DA Calculator July 2022
Month B.Y. 2016=100 App DA
Jan-22 35.07
Feb-22 35.62
Mar-22 36.2
Apr-22 36.9
May-22 37.67
Jun-22 38.36

D.A. Rates January 2022

1.2020 = Additional DA 4% (17% + 4%) 21%
1.2020 = Additional DA 3% (21% + 3%) 24%
1.2021 = Additional DA 4% (24% + 4%) 28%
1.2021 = Additional DA 3% (28% + 3%) 31%
1.2022 = Additional DA 3% (31% + 3%) 34%

Expected DA/DR from July, 2022

Increase/ Decrease Index Month Base Year 2016 = 100 Base Year 2001 = 100 Total of 12 Months Twelve monthly Average % increase over 115.76 for 6CPC DA % increase over 261.42 for 7CPC DA 6CPC DA announced or will be announced 7CPC DA announced or will be announced
-0.3 Jan,22 125.1 360 4236 353.00 204.94% 35.03% 203% 34%
-0.1 Feb,22 125.0 360 4253 354.42 206.17% 35.57%
1.7 Apr,22 127.7 368 4294 357.83 209.12% 36.88%
1.3 May,22 127.7 372 4319 359.92 210.92% 37.68%
0.2 Jun,22 129.2 372 4341 361.75 212.50% 38.38%

DA/DR from July, 2022

212% 38%

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (2016=100) – May 2022

The Labor Bureau, an attached office of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, is compiling the Consumer Price Index for industrial workers every month on the basis of retail prices collected from 317 markets spread over 88 industrially important centers of the country. The index is compiled for 88 centers and all of India and is released on the last working day of the following month. The index for the month of June 2022 is being released in this press release.

The All India CPI-IW for June 2022 stood at 129.2 (one hundred and twenty-nine point two) with an increase of 0.2 points. On 1-month percentage change, it increased by 0.16 percent over the previous month, as compared to a growth of 0.91 percent in the same month a year ago.
The maximum upward pressure in the current index came from the food and beverage group, which contributed 0.20 percentage points to the total change. Potato, Onion, Tomato, Cabbage, Apple, Banana, Coriander, Chilli Dry, Fresh Fish, Poultry Chicken, Vada, Idli Dosa, Cooked Food, LPG, Kerosene, Electricity Household, etc. at the item level for augmentation are responsible. index. However, this increase was largely controlled by petrol for vehicles, rice, mango, green chilli, lemon, okra, parwal, pineapple, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc., which put pressure on the index.

At the center level, Puducherry recorded the maximum increase of 2.6 points, followed by Amritsar and Tripura with 2.2 and 2.0 points respectively. Others registered an increase of 1 to 1.9 points in 15 centers and 0.1 to 0.9 points in 33 centers. In contrast, Sangrur recorded a maximum decline of 2.4 points. Among others, 5 centers registered a shortfall. Up to 1.9 points, 25 centers between 0.1 to 0.9 points. The indices of the remaining 6 centers remained stable.

The year-on-year inflation stood at 6.16 percent as compared to 6.97 percent in the previous month and 5.57 percent during the same month a year ago. Similarly, the food inflation stood at 6.73 percent as against 7.92 percent in the previous month and 5.61 percent during the same month a year ago.

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