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Iswaran the Storyteller
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Iswaran the Storyteller

Hey folks, here we are providing Iswaran the Storyteller PDF to all of you. Iswaran the Storyteller is a very interesting chapter that will give an idea of story writing and storytelling.  Mahendra was a junior supervisor in a company. The company used to hire supervisors to work on building sites, factories, bridges, dams, etc. Mahendra’s job was to oversee the activities of the workplace.

He had to go from one place to another. He used to mold himself in all situations. Mahendra had a cook named Easwaran. God had amazing abilities. He used to get vegetables and cooking items not knowing from where. He would magically serve up delicious dishes with fresh vegetables in an hour or more.

Mahendra used to go to work early in the morning with some food. After Mahendra left, Ishwaran used to decorate the thatch. He would wash clothes. He took a bath while praying. After lunch, he read a sensational book in the Tamil language to relax. He had a wonderful way of telling a story. His stories had the effect of a sensational book.

Iswaran the Storyteller PDF

Lesson and Explanation The story was narrated to Ganesh by a young man, Mahendra by name. He was a junior supervisor in a firm that offered on-hire supervisors at various types of construction sites: factories, bridges, dams, and so on. Mahendra’s job was to keep an eye on the activities at the work site. He had to keep moving from place to place every now and then as ordered by his head office: from a coal mining area to a railway bridge construction site, from there after a few months to a chemical plant that was coming up somewhere.

Mahendra narrated a story about his cook Iswaran to Ganesh. Mahendra worked as a junior supervisor in a company that provided junior supervisors to various construction companies on rent. He got posted at different sites like factories, bridges, and dams which were under construction. Mahendra’s work was to keep an eye on all the workers at the site. He had to change places often and worked at various places like a coal mine, railway bridge construction site, and the construction site of a chemical plant.

He was a bachelor. His needs were simple and he was able to adjust himself to all kinds of odd conditions, whether it was an ill-equipped circuit house or a makeshift canvas tent in the middle of a stone quarry. But one asset he had was his cook, Iswaran. The cook was quite attached to Mahendra and followed him uncomplainingly wherever he was posted. He cooked for Mahendra, washed his clothes, and chatted away with his master at night. He could weave out endless stories and anecdotes on varied subjects.

As Mahendra was unmarried, he did not have a family, he was able to live in these temporary quarters provided at the construction sites. He adjusted well in the circuit houses which did not provide the basic amenities or even the tents which were temporary in nature. Mahendra had an advantage – he was accompanied by his cook Iswaran. Iswaranwas very close to Mahendra and accompanied him everywhere. He did not complain about the tough conditions in which he had to live. He cooked food for him, washed his clothes, and gave him company by talking to him at night. Iswaran had a quality- that he was good at telling stories and he entertained Mahindra with his stories which were based on different subjects.

Iswaran also had an amazing capacity to produce vegetables and cooking ingredients, seemingly out of nowhere, in the middle of a desolate landscape with no shops visible for miles around. He would miraculously conjure up the most delicious dishes made with fresh vegetables within an hour of arriving at the zinc sheet shelter at the new workplace.

Mahendra tells Ganesh that Iswaran was a great cook. Whenever they shifted to a new location, he would gather all the vegetables and other ingredients required by him to cook in no time. As they lived in places that were not inhabited by many people, in temporary shelters with roofs made of metallic sheets, it seemed as if he would do some magic and gather all the ingredients out of nowhere.

Mahendra would be up early in the morning and leave for work after breakfast, carrying some prepared food with him. Meanwhile, Iswaranwould tidies up the shed, wash the clothes, and have a leisurely bath, pouring several buckets of water over his head, muttering a prayer all the while. It would be lunchtime by then. After eating, he would read for a while before dozing off. The book was usually some popular Tamil thriller running to hundreds of pages. Its imaginative descriptions and narrative flourishes would hold Iswaran in thrall. NOTE:- It is not the complete story you should go through the PDF to read the complete one.

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