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Much Ado About Nothing
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Much Ado About Nothing

Dear friends, here we are going to offer a Much Ado About Nothing PDF for all of you. Much Ado About Nothing is one of the comic books. William Shakespeare wrote it thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599. Much Ado About Nothing was originally published in 1600. The play was included in the First Folio.

In the First Folio, the plays of William Shakespeare were grouped into three categories including comedies, histories, and tragedies. And modern scholars recognize a fourth category, romance, to describe the specific types of comedy that appear in Shakespeare’s later works. Much Ado About Nothing was originally written in the Early Modern English language.

This comedy book got a 4.1/5 rating on Goodreads and has been liked by 73%ofd Google users. The author of this comedy book William Shakespeare was a very talented English playwright and poet. He was also known as an actor. He is widely considered the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist.

Much Ado About Nothing PDF Overview

Written by William Shakespeare
Characters Benedick
Don Pedro
Don John
Date premiered 1600
Original language Early Modern English
Genre Comedy
Setting Messina, Italy

Much Ado About Nothing Summary PDF

  • In Messina, as Don Pedro, the Prince of Arragon, and his officers return from a recently concluded war, a message comes to Leonato that the prince intends to visit his house for a month. The Duke’s party arrives with Count Claudio, who had before the war been attracted by Leonato’s only daughter, Hero.
  • Another of the visitors is Benedick, a bachelor, who enjoys speaking his mind in witty arguments with Hero’s cousin and companion, Lady Beatrice. Leonato holds a masked ball to celebrate the end of the war and the engagement of Claudio to Hero is arranged, while the Duke’s brother, Don John, resenting the celebrations, seeks a way to spoil the general happiness.
  • Don John plots with the soldiers, Borachio and Conrade, to deceive Claudio into believing Hero is false to him. As a result, a trick is carried out with the unwitting assistance of Hero’s maid, Margaret, who talks from Hero’s bedroom window with Borachio at night, while Claudio and the Duke watch secretly from a distance under the delusion that the girl at the window is Hero.
  • Hero and Don Pedro meanwhile are convinced that Benedick and Beatrice are ideal partners, and by means of overheard conversations, the two realise they do indeed love one another.
  • At the wedding Claudio denounces Hero and leaves her apparently dead from shock, while her father, Beatrice, and Benedick, amazed at the situation, decide that with the aid of the priest, Hero’s recovery should be concealed until her name can be cleared.
  • Help is at hand as the village constable, Dogberry, and his assistants have arrested Borachio and Conrade after overhearing them boasting of their deception of Claudio and the Duke.
  • The play comes to a joyful conclusion when Dogberry’s information is, eventually, after some difficulty, given to Leonato and Don Pedro. Claudio agrees to accept Leonato’s ‘niece’ whom he has never met, in place of Hero, whom he believes has been killed by his slander.
  • The ‘niece’ turns out to be Hero, and as the lovers are reunited, Benedick and Beatrice announce that they will share the wedding day. Don John has been captured while trying to escape and is left for a future trial, while the play ends with a merry dance.

Much Ado About Nothing Characters List

Don Pedro: Don Pedro is the Prince of Aragon. He has just won a war against his illegitimate half-brother Don John. He reconciles himself to his brother, though he doesn’t speak to him much and may merely be keeping him close to keep an eye on him.

Don John: Don John is a bastard, in both the legal and ethical senses of the term. The essence of his character is that he is evil.

Claudio: Claudio is a Count of Don Pedro’s suit, who has distinguished himself in the recent war. He is from Florence, though he has an emotional uncle living in Messina.

Benedick: Benedick is a gentleman of Padua serving in Don Pedro’s army. He wears a beard at the beginning of the play. According to Beatrice, he adopts a new best friend once a month, possibly out of a concern for money; his present one is Claudio.

Leonato: Leonato, the governor of Messina, is an older man, with a white beard. He has a daughter, Hero, and is the guardian of an orphaned niece, Beatrice.

Antonio: Antonio is Leonato’s brother. An old man has a tendency to wag his head in a characteristic way. He apparently has a son who provides for the music in Leonato’s house.

Balthasar: Balthasar is an attendant of Don Pedro’s and a musician. A singer, he most likely plays the lute to accompany himself.

Conrade: Conrade is one of Don John’s followers. He attempts to cheer Don John up and to convince him that he should be, at the least, happy that Don Pedro has taken him back, and use that favour to pursue his own ends.

Borachio: Borachio is one of Don John’s followers. His name tells us well enough that he is a drunkard. He also has, however, a crafty mind.

Friar Francis: Friar Francis is in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet’s Friar Laurence; both are long-winded, well-meaning, somewhat interfering gentlemen who think it is a fine idea to make people believe a young girl is dead.

Dogberry: Dogberry is the constable of the Watch, whose job is to patrol the streets of Messina at night and keep order. Dogberry has very few doubts about himself.

Verges: Verges is the Headborough and Dogberry’s partner as commander of the Watch. He is an old man and seems to be completely under Dogberry’s thumb.

Sexton: The Sexton is in charge of examining the men detained by the Watch, and it is his misfortune that the Watch should be commanded by Dogberry.

Boy: A Boy attending on Benedick is none too bright. He fetches Benedick’s book at his request.

Hero: Hero is Leonato’s daughter. A sweet and obedient girl overshadowed by her cousin Beatrice, she almost never speaks in her elders’ presence.

Beatrice: Beatrice is Leonato’s orphaned niece. She appears to be somewhat taller than Hero, as well as older.

Margaret: Margaret is Hero’s waiting gentlewoman. A fashion-obsessed flirt who requires good dancing abilities in her men, she is witty enough to hold her own against both Benedick and Beatrice in certain circumstances.

Ursula: Ursula is one of Hero’s waiting gentlewomen.

Messenger: The Messenger is sent by Don Pedro to announce his coming to Leonato.

First Watchman: The First Watchman suggests either Seacoal or Hugh Oatcake as leaders of the patrol, on the basis of their ability to read and write. He joins in the testimony to the Sexton.

Second Watchman: The Second Watchman (George Seacole) is a member of the Watch who is able to read and write, and is therefore put in charge of the nightly patrol.

Watchmen: The Watchmen (one of whom is Hugh Oatcake) are part of the neighbourhood watch that Dogberry commands, charged with patrolling the streets of Messina at night.

Lord: A Lord is among Claudio’s and Don Pedro’s suites when they visit Hero’s tomb.

About the Author of Much Ado About Nothing

Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Baptised 26 April 1564
Died 23 April 1616 (aged 52)

Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Resting place Church of the Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Playwright
  • poet
  • actor
Years active c. 1585–1613
  • Elizabethan
  • Jacobean
Movement English Renaissance
Anne Hathaway

(m. 1582)

  • Susanna Hall
  • Hamnet Shakespeare
  • Judith Quinney
  • John Shakespeare (father)
  • Mary Arden (mother)

About William Shakespeare in Short

  • William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor.
  • He was born on 26 April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon.
  • His father was a successful local businessman and his mother was the daughter of a landowner.
  • Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist.
  • William is often called England’s national poet and nicknamed the Bard of Avon.
  • Shakespeare wrote about 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and a few other verses, of which the authorship of some is uncertain.
  • His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright.

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