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Oxford Picture Dictionary
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Oxford Picture Dictionary

Dear readers, here we are providing Oxford Picture Dictionary PDF to all of you. With the help of these dictionary you and your child can update there knowledge. These dictionary fully integrated vocabulary development program with pictures.

Oxford Picture Dictionary teach 4000 words through stories and picture. These stories based on pictures which make the reading more interesting and comfortable. Oxford Picture Dictionary which we providing is rally beneficial for you and your child.

The Oxford Picture Dictionary English /Free Pdf

correct spelling notes misspelling
absence -s--nce absense, abscence
accommodate, accommodation -cc--mm- accomodate, accomodation
achieve i before e acheive
across one c accross
aggressive -gg- agressive
apparently -ent- apparantly
appearance -ance appearence
argument no e after u arguement
assassination -ss--ss- assasination
basically -ally basicly
beginning -nn- begining
believe i before e beleive, belive
business busi- buisness
calendar -ar calender
Caribbean -r--bb- Carribean
category e in middle catagory
cemetery -ery cemetary
colleague -ea- collegue
coming one m comming
committee -mm--tt--ee- commitee
completely -ely completly
conscience -sc- concience
conscious -sc- concious
copyright -right copywrite
curiosity -os- curiousity
definitely -ite- not -ate- definately
disappear -s--pp- dissapear
disappoint -s--pp- dissapoint
ecstasy -sy ecstacy
embarrass -rr--ss embarass
environment -nm- enviroment
existence -ence existance
familiar -iar familar
finally -ll- finaly
fluorescent fluor- florescent
foreign e before i foriegn
forty for- fourty
forward for- foward
friend i before e freind
further fur- futher
glamorous -mor- glamourous
government -nm- goverment
grammar -ar grammer
gauge -au- guage
grateful grat- greatful
guard gua- gaurd
happened -ened happend
harass, harassment -r--ss harrass, harrassment
honorary -nor- honourary
humorous -mor- humourous
immediately -ely immediatly
incidentally -ally incidently
independent -ent independant
interrupt -rr- interupt
irresistible -ible irresistable
knowledge -edge knowlege
lightning no e lightening
medicine medi- like medical medecine
millennium, millennia -ll--nn- millenium, millenia
misspell -ss- mispell
necessary -c--ss- neccessary
noticeable -e- noticable
occasion -cc--s- ocassion, occassion
occurred, occurring -cc--rr- occured, occuring
occurrence -cc--rr--ence occurance, occurence
parallel -r--ll- paralel, parralel
persistent -ent persistant
Philippines -l--pp- Phillipines
piece i before e peice
politician -cian politican
possession -ss--ss- posession
preferred, preferring -rr- prefered, prefering
privilege no d priviledge
pronunciation -nun- pronounciation
publicly cly publically
really -ll- realy
receive e before i recieve
referred, referring -rr- refered, refering
religious -gious religous
remember -mem- rember, remeber
resistance -ance resistence
sense -se sence
separate -par- seperate
successful -cc--ss- succesful
surprise sur- suprise
tendency -ency tendancy
therefore -fore therefor
threshold one h in middle threshhold
tomorrow -m--rr- tommorow, tommorrow
tongue ton--gue tounge
truly no e truely
unforeseen -re- unforseen
unfortunately -ely unfortunatly
until -l untill
vicious no s in middle viscious
weird e before i wierd
wherever one e in middle whereever
weather -ea- wether, waether
whether wh- wether
which wh- wich

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