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Poets And Pancakes
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Poets And Pancakes

Dear readers, here we are going to present the Poets And Pancakes PDF for all of you. Through our article, you can easily learn about Poets and Pancakes Chapter Summary. This chapter is taken from Ashokamitran’s book titled ‘My Years with Boss’. It is believed that this book was written when he worked at Gemini Studios.

Gemini Studios was a very famous film studio at that time. Through the summary of this lesson, you can also understand Ashokamitran’s work and cutting newspaper clippings related to different subjects and maintaining a file of the same. In this story, we can learn about a lot of important things related to the film industry, especially in India.

Along with this, you can also get an inside glimpse of its working and India’s beginning after independence when he first writes his take on the makeup department. Moreover, he makes fun of the efforts of the actors and the dazzling lights. After that, we learn that ‘Pancakes’ is actually the name of a makeup brand used by Gemini Studios.

Poets And Pancakes PDF: Overview

Author Name Asokamitran
Born 22 September 1931, Secunderabad
Died 23 March 2017, Chennai
Books The Eighteenth Parallel, Manacarovar, Tannir
Movies Sivaranjiniyum Innum Sila Pengalum
Awards Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil Writers

Introduction to the Chapter

Set up in 1940, for almost thirty years, Gemini Studios of Madras (Chennai) was one of India’s pioneering and influential film-producing organisations of India. Founded by the brilliant and talented S.S. Vasan, it had a staff of over 600 people and made movies for Tamil Nadu and other southern Indian states.

The pancake was the make-up material used by Gemini Studios. Sahitya Akademi award-winning Tamil writer Asokamitran worked for the Gemini Studios from 1952 to 1966. He later recorded his reminiscences in the book, ‘My Years with Boss’.

Poets and Pancakes Theme

This chapter has been taken from “My Years with Boss’ written by Asokamitran. Through this write-up, Asokamitran brings up a lot of topics pertaining to the film industry in particular and India in general and provides the reader with a glimpse of independent India in its infancy.

Asokamitran also tells about the manner in which the legal advisor ruins the career of a talented actress unwittingly. Communism also finds a place in the musings of Asokamitran.

At that time in India, the educated folk took pride in showing their support for communism and Gemini studios were no exception. He also mentions the anti-communism movement run by the West.

Poets and Pancakes Summary in English

  • The essay, “Poets and Pancakes” is an extract from Asokamitran’s book “My Years with Boss.” The Boss was S.S. Vasan, who founded the Gemini Studios which produced a number of films that influenced every aspect of Indian life.
  • Asokamitran talks about his days at Gemini Studios. He is known for his humour and gentle satire. He explains to us about make-up material. The brand name of this material was Pancake.
  • This material was bought and used up in the studios. He gives the names of a few actresses who used that material. He suggests that the make-up department was located in a building which was believed to have been Robert Clive’s stable.
  • However, there were several buildings associated with Robert Clive’s residence but this was not true as Clive’s stay in India was very shortlived.
  • Further, he gives a description of the make-up department as a symbol of national integration and the make-up room as a hair-cutting salon. Pancake and many other lotions made actors ugly as it was necessary to make them presentable in a movie.
  • In the make-up department, there was a forty-year-old office boy with a dream of becoming a star-actor or director or lyrics writer. His dreams remained unfulfilled, making him frustrated. For this, he blamed Subbu, who was No. 2 and a favourite of the boss.
  • The writer tells about poets who used to wear khadi and believed that Communists were monster^. He even tells about a legal adviser who had been a member of the story department.
  • He was at odds in the department and lost his job with the closure of the story department. The legal adviser had even once brought an abrupt end to the promising career of a talented actress.
  • The Gemini Studios even hosted a two-hundred-strong Moral Rearmament Army (MRA) which showed two plays in the most professional manner. The plays became a good success and left their impression on Tamil drama.
  • Later, the writer, however, learnt that MRA was actually a counter-Communist movement.

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