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Spelljammer 5e
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Spelljammer 5e

Dear reader, if you are searching for Spelljammer 5e PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. Imagine a universe where the square world revolves around a gem Sun. Where the planets are located in the roots of an oak tree, its broad leaves revolve around the blazing sun. Wooden ships travel the void between worlds, fighting each other with catapults and ballistas, magic, and swords. An asteroid could be a safe harbor, a den of slaves, or a hungry creature eager to eat anything. Courageous crooks and crooks touch the stars in the fantastic treasure race.

Terrible beasts roam the whole world with the power to destroy them. Welcome. , To the universe of Spelljammer! In the Spelljammer campaign, the fantastic is possible and one is limited only by the depth of their imagination. Sailing ships surrounded by bubbles of air, propelled by the power of their magical rudders, travel through an empty forest. Gravity is a convenient thing where a captain can survey the bottom of his ship, and the world comes in all shapes and sizes. The entire solar system is surrounded by vast regions of flammable phlogiston, an inexhaustible, crystal-like substance that separates the space between stars, to protect them from a swirling ocean of light and color.

Spelljammer 5e PDF – A Note From The Author

In the early days of D&D, the spelljammer system was a way for players and DMs to travel between all of TSR and WOTC’s official settings without resorting to weird things like teleportation and plane shifting. Come on, how cool is it to sail a fish-shaped Spanish galleon from The Forgotten Realms to Greyhawk to Dragonlance through the stars?
Written for both players and Dungeon Masters, this document serves as a more comprehensive adaptation and unofficial fan adaptation of the original 1989 source document created by TSR Games (and purchased by Wizards of the Coast) for Spelljammer.

I worked really hard to keep the original source documents in the AD&D Adventures in Space, Concordance of Arcane Space, Lordbook of the Void, Encyclopedia Monstera, The Complete Starfighter’s Handbook, and all the companion documents I created for the spelljammer setting. I tried to keep all the pictures in the original books in black and white. All art is Creative Commons or Open Source. D&D 5th Edition focused more on the design philosophy and words written by Wizards of the Coast in relation to the Three Pillars. I tried to make it fun, simple, and convenient to use in an extended campaign.

In the end, this document is designed as a rule change, as far as I’m concerned, rather than implementing the original spelljammer system. You can create whatever story you want, daisy-chaining each piece of content until it explodes into scandals, and put these rules to work in your game. I highly recommend purchasing the excellent Monster Manual, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Mordenken’s Tome of Foes for social research on the Gitth, Beholders, Neogi, Ilithid, and many other species found in the original Spelljammer books.

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