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The Giving Tree
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The Giving Tree

Hey folks, here we are providing The Giving Tree PDF to all of you. The Giving Tree is a very beautifully written inspirational picture book. It was originally published on 7 October 1964. The Giving Tree has received 4.4/5 stars ratings on Goodreads, 4.7 stars ratings on Amazon, and 4.3/5 stars rating on Flipkart.

This picture book is liked by 91% of Google users. The Giving Tree is written by Shel Silverstein whose full name was Sheldon Allan Silverstein. He was a popular American writer, poet, cartoonist, songwriter, and playwright. He was born on 25 September 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The Giving Tree PDF – Plot

The book follows the lives of an apple tree and a boy, who develop a relationship with one another. The tree is very “giving” and the boy evolves into a “taking” teenager, a middle-aged man, and finally an elderly man. Despite the fact that the boy ages in the story, the tree addresses the boy as “Boy” his entire life. In his childhood, the boy enjoys playing with the tree, climbing her trunk, swinging from her branches, carving “Me + T (Tree)” into the bark, and eating her apples.

However, as the boy grows older, he spends less time with the tree and tends to visit her only when he wants material items at various stages of his life, or not coming to the tree alone (such as bringing a lady friend to the tree and carving “Me +Y.L.” (her initials, often assumed to be an acronym for “young love”) into the tree. In an effort to make the boy happy at each of these stages, the tree gives him parts of herself, which he can transform into material items, such as money (from her apples), a house (from her branches), and a boat (from her trunk).

With every stage of giving, “the Tree was happy”. In the final pages, both the tree and the boy feel the sting of their respective “giving” and “taking” nature. When only a stump remains for the tree (including the carving “Me + T”), she is not happy, at least at that moment. The boy does return as a tired elderly man to meet the tree once more. She tells him she is sad because she cannot provide him shade, apples, or any materials like in the past.

He ignores this (because his teeth are too weak for apples, and he is too old to swing on branches and too tired to climb her trunk) and states that all he wants is “a quiet place to sit and rest,” which the tree, who is weak being just a stump, could provide. With this final stage of giving, “the Tree was happy”.

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