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The INN on Harmony Island
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The INN on Harmony Island

Hey folks, here we are providing The INN on Harmony Island PDF to all of you. The INN on Harmony Island is one famous book that was originally published on 22 June 2022. This book has received 3.5/5 stars ratings on Goodreads and 5/5 stars ratings on Barnes & Noble.

The INN on Harmony Island is written by Anne-Marie Meyer. Anne-Marie Meyer is one of the most famous female authors who have gained so much popularity. She lives south of the Twin Cities in MN. If you find this book as per your interest then you should go with it.

The INN on Harmony Island PDF

It’s the moment that Harmony Island has been waiting for: the reading of Charlotte Cane’s will. After I returned to my small hometown six months ago to attend my estranged grandmother’s funeral, I swore I would never go back. That is until my grandmother’s lawyer calls me up. If I don’t return to Harmony Island and fulfill my grandmother’s stipulations, the generationally owned family inn will be turned over to the state and sold off to the highest bidder–my grandmother’s rival and mother to the man who broke my heart, Missy Willis. I’m not sure I’m strong enough to return home, but I also know, I can’t let Miss Willis win.

So I pack up my belongings and head for North Carolina. I’m determined to stay distant, living in the small cottage next to the inn, and keep my head down. But in a small town where everyone knows your name, that becomes difficult. Soon, my past catches up with me and I’m faced with the history I’ve buried for so long. Just when I reach my breaking point, Miles, the single dad living at the inn, swoops into my life to rescue me. He was my protector in my childhood, my enemy in my teenage years, and now?

Now, I’m not so sure. Especially when his love for his daughter is contagious, or the way he looks at me when he doesn’t know I see him. I’m so confused and I want to run away as I did in the past, but I can’t. And when Miles touches me like that…I don’t want to. Luckily, I find a friend in Abigail, the local bookstore owner. She’s one of the only residents who doesn’t know about my past and seems to be looking for the same thing I am, a place to belong. The Inn on Harmony Island is chock full of romance, redemption, and forgiveness. If you’re looking for your next summer read, grab your copy today! It is the first book in the Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman series and ends on a cliffhanger.

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