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The Official Girlfriend Application
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The Official Girlfriend Application

Dear readers, today we are going to present The Official Girlfriend Application PDF for all of you. As you know guys Application forms are used for many different activities in our life. The girlfriend application is one of those examples that many would consider informal, and yet the answers to the questions on the application are quite serious and can be used to eliminate individuals and avoid unacceptable situations.

This application must be filled out in its entirety in order to be considered for the position that you are applying. Photographs or other attached documents may sway your opinion one way or the other; feel free to attach anything you think may help you gain this position. Keep in mind that you must be completely honest while filling out this form.

Your answers will be checked through Google, Myspace, Facebook, and other methods that are very important. Because Any false information gives you the right to immediately void your application. Here in this post, you can easily get more details related to The Official Girlfriend Application which can be proved very useful for you.

The Official Girlfriend Application PDF Overview

Section 1: Basic Information

Full name ______________________________________________________________________________________ LAST



Current Residence _______________________________________________________________________________ CITY


Nickname ________________________________________


Age __________

Eye color _______________ Natural Hair Color _______________ Current Hair Color _______________ Height _______________ Weight (Circle One) 175lbs

Section 2: Contact Information Home Phone ____________________ Cell Phone ______________________ Email __________________________ Section 3: The Deal Breakers

Are you currently or have you ever been a man?

Yes [ ]

No [ ]

Do you smoke and/or use any other tobacco products?

[ ]

[ ]

Do you use any illegal substances?

[ ]

[ ]

Do you drink heavily on a regular basis? (>3 times/week)

[ ]

[ ]

Have you ever been convicted of anything by a court of law?

[ ]

[ ]

Would any of your actions with past boyfriends not be “John Approved”?

[ ]

[ ]

Section 4: Getting to Know Your Highest Level of Education (Circle One)

High School

Some College

College Graduate

What is your religious affiliation?____________________________________________________________________ What is your political persuasion? ___________________________________________________________________ Could you explain what said persuasion stands for? Y [ ] N [ ] Do you have any siblings? Y [ ] N [ ] If yes, list their names and ages _______________________________________________________________ What’s your all-time favourite movie? ________________________________________________________________ Are you easily distracted by shiny things? Y [ ] N [ ] List your two favourite musical genres ________________________________________________________________ Favorite sport(s) and team(s) _______________________________________________________________________ Do you currently have a source of income? Y [ ] N [ ] If yes, what is it? ___________________________________________________________________________ What kind of car do you currently drive? _____________________________________________________________ Section 5: Short Answer Describe yourself using three to four adjectives and zero to one noun. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ What is your idea of a perfect date? (In three sentences or less.) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ What characteristics of mine lead you to apply for this position? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Explain why I should pick you as my girlfriend. (In one sentence.) _________________________________________________________________________________

The Official Girlfriend Application Key-points

One of the most important aspects of the girlfriend application is to be truthful and accurate with the information while filling out the form. Any errors or omissions are usually unearthed as a relationship progresses.

Deal-breaker items can lead to an abrupt termination of the relationship and a waste of time for both parties. This post has focused on the girlfriend application; however, ladies, you can ask your prospective boyfriends to fill out a boyfriend application to help you learn about their personalities, interests, likes, and dislikes.

Readers may also want to customize the girlfriend application to reflect their interests. For example, smoking might be something very important to you, and the question would be prominent on the form. Outdoor sports such as cycling, skiing, etc., may also be important, and you want to add this question if it is a deal-breaker for you.

Essential Elements of a Girlfriend Application Form

The following are the essential elements of a girlfriend application.

The essential elements include:

  • Basic information – physical description
  • Contact information – phone numbers, IMs, email
  • Deal-breaking questions – customize these to reflect your requirements
  • Information about your personality – education, religion, politics, family, interests, employment
  • Quick questions – describe yourself, what is a perfect date, special skills
  • Relationship History – boyfriends, length of time, why you broke up, kids
  • References – to support and confirm the information provided.
  • Once completed, sign the form in the designated place. Check the form for accuracy before signing and dating the form.

How to Fill Out the Girlfriend Application Form?

For the most part, filling in the girlfriend application form is self-explanatory. Using a template, answer all of the questions truthfully and accurately to create a portrait of your contact information, personality, life history, likes, and dislikes. Enter the information as requested or circle the appropriate answer.

Pay particular attention to the deal-breaker section. These are questions that if you answer “yes” to, there is no sense in continuing to answer the rest of the form. While they may seem unfair and perhaps a bit too personal, they do reflect the type of person your potential boyfriend is looking for and those he is not looking for.

For example, if smoking is one of the deal-breakers, you probably do not want to be with someone anyway who is always complaining about you smoking and does not enjoy being around someone who smokes. Other sections are aimed at getting to know you better and will delve more into your education level, religion, politics, interest in movies and music, sports activities, and also your interests. Answer truthfully, since as you both get to know each other, the truth will eventually come out.

Some forms will have a set of short answer questions. These questions tend to focus answers on core concepts and get to the central core of who you are. i.e., four adjectives that describe who you are. Some people want to know about former boyfriends, how long you lasted in a relationship together and why the relationship ended. There are lots of reasons and very specific to the people involved.

While providing references may seem as if you are applying for a job, references can indicate the real you. Your friends that you hang around with can substantiate your personality etc. they also reinforce your personality, interests, etc. By signing and dating the girlfriend application, you are attesting to the accuracy and truthfulness of your answers.


What is a Girlfriend Application?

A girlfriend application is a document that, when filled out, provides all of the pertinent details about a potential girlfriend along with what are considered deal breakers. Basic information such as name, nickname, weight, height, and contact information is requested in the girlfriend application.

Deal breaker information includes details about the person that could cause you to avoid this person. For example, if they do drugs and you are strongly opposed to using drugs, this could be a deal-breaker for you if the person answers yes to this question.

Who Signs the Girlfriend Application Form?

Typically, the ladies sign the girlfriend application. Their signature implies that they are serious and have answered all of the questions truthfully. If a man wants to be your boyfriend, he may be willing to fill out a boyfriend application to indicate his serious intentions.

Why Use a Girlfriend Application Form?

While it may seem awkward to ask someone to fill out a girlfriend application, they tend to focus the discussion on the issues important to you.

If you barely know someone, yet the relationship appears to be moving quickly, asking your partner to fill out the application can help improve the communication between you. Deal breakers can also avoid a lot of wasted time if you learn about these things now vs. later on in the relationship.

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