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Think Like A Monk
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Think Like A Monk

Dear readers, today we are going to share the Think Like A Monk PDF for all of you. Think Like a Monk is one of the motivational and wonderful novels. It was written by Jay Shetty. Jay Shetty is one of the most famous and popular authors. This book was originally published on 8 September 2020. This book teaches us to should think like a monks in our life.

For those who are living a stressful life and want peace and happiness in life then reading this novel is one of the easy solutions to solve this problem. Because this book suggests is the best way to live a beautiful and stressless life. There are many people who want to read motivational and self-help books then this book proved very interesting for them.

So guys if you are also a book lover and want to read something good, then this novel will be one of the best novels for you. In this book, you can read the many chapters including Identity, Negativity, Fear, Intention, Purpose, Routine, and The Mind. We hope these all topics will be very valuable and knowledgeable for you.

Think Like A Monk PDF Overview

Think Like a Monk Summary PDF

  • In the book, Jay Shetty shares some of his personal stories and experiences for us to understand the concept of the chapter. He even shares some exercises for us to try which really are interesting and helpful.
  • At end of every part, he mentioned a meditation practice as well. This is really an eye-opener and life-changing book. Jay Shetty has explained deep things in simple words which can be understood by any lame person.
  • He has taught us to look into ourselves. He has given simple exercises after each chapter which you can imply in your own life. It’s filled with as much scientific evidence, as with practical steps we can all incorporate into our daily lives, feeling more like a workbook at times!
  • It teaches you so much about life, it helps to reflect on your thoughts and actions which further helps you to change for the better.

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

Part 1: Let go, comprising 4 chapters

1) Identity

2) Negativity

3) Fear

4) Intention

Part 2: Grow comprising 4 chapters

1) Purpose

2) Routine

3) The Mind

4) Ego

Part 3: Give comprising 3 chapters

1) Gratitude

2) Relationship

3) Service

About the Author

Jay Shetty was on born 6 September 1987 in Barnet, North London, England, United Kingdom. He is a very talented British English author, former Hindu monk, and life coach of Indian descent. His guests have included Alicia Keys, Khloe Kardashian, and Kobe Bryant, resulting in 64 million downloads as the host of the podcast On Purpose.

Jay Shetty has appeared on many shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh and Today to discuss mental health and life purpose. He got the 11th Shorty Award in his life. The wife’s name of Jay Shetty is Radhi Devlukia. His notable work is known as Think Like a Monk.

About Jay Shetty

Born 6 September 1987 (age 34)

Barnet, North London, London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Citizenship British
Alma mater Queen Elizabeth’s School, Barnet (Grammar School)
CASS, CUL (BSc Econ)
  • Podcast host
  • Entrepreneur
  • Internet personality
  • Author
Years active 2013–present
Notable work
Think Like a Monk
Spouse(s) Radhi Devlukia
Awards 11th Shorty Awards

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