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U.S. Citizenship Test 2022
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U.S. Citizenship Test 2022

Hello guys, if you are searching for U.S. Citizenship Test 2022 PDF you are on the right page. A citizenship test is an examination, either written or oral, required to obtain citizenship in a country.  United States citizenship is a legal status that gives Americans specific rights, duties, protections, and benefits in the United States.

It serves as the foundation of fundamental rights derived from and protected by the Constitution and laws of the United States, such as freedom of speech, due process, and the right to vote (however, not all citizens have the right to vote in all federal elections, for example, those who live in Puerto Rico), live and work in the United States and receive federal assistance.

U.S. Citizenship Test 2022 PDF – Highlights

Implementing citizenship requires attitudes that include pledging allegiance to the United States and pledging to support and defend its constitution. The US citizenship exam, which tests a candidate’s knowledge of US history and government, is taken orally during the US citizenship interview. Not sure if you qualify for citizenship? Start by checking your eligibility.

The citizenship test consists of 100 questions. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer will ask the candidate 10 out of 100 questions, and the candidate must correctly answer 6 out of 10 questions to pass the civics test.

The citizenship test questions and answers

Sr.No Language 100 questions and answers
1 Arabic-English Download PDF
2 Chinese-English Download PDF
3 French-English Download PDF
4 Hindi-English Download PDF
5 Japanese-English Download PDF
6 Karen-English Download PDF
7 Korean-English Download PDF
8 Nepali-English Download PDF
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10 Persian-English Download PDF
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15 Thai-English Download PDF
16 Urdu-English Download PDF
17 Vietnamese-English Download PDF

A: Principles of American Democracy

1. What is the supreme law of the land?

  • the Constitution

2. What does the Constitution do?

  • sets up the government
  • defines the government
  • protects basic rights of Americans

3. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words?

  • We the People

4. What is an amendment?

  • a change (to the Constitution)
  • an addition (to the Constitution)

5. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

  • the Bill of Rights

6. What is one right or freedom from the First Amendment?*

  • speech
  • religion
  • assembly
  • press
  • petition the government

7. How many amendments does the Constitution have?

  • twenty-seven (27)

8. What did the Declaration of Independence do?

  • announced our independence (from Great Britain)
  • declared our independence (from Great Britain)
  • said that the United States is free (from Great Britain)

9. What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?

  • life
  • liberty
  • pursuit of happiness

10. What is freedom of religion?

  • You can practice any religion, or not practice a religion.

11. What is the economic system in the United States?*

  • capitalist economy
  • market economy

12. What is the “rule of law”?

  • Everyone must follow the law.
  • Leaders must obey the law.
  • Government must obey the law.
  • No one is above the law.

B: System of Government

13. Name one branch or part of the government.*

  • Congress
  • legislative
  • President
  • executive
  • the courts
  • judicial

14. What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?

  • checks and balances
  • separation of powers

15. Who is in charge of the executive branch?

  • the President

16. Who makes federal laws?

  • Congress
  • Senate and House (of Representatives)
  • (U.S. or national) legislature

17. What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress?*

  • the Senate and House (of Representatives)

18. How many U.S. Senators are there?

  • one hundred (100)

19. We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years?

  • six (6)

20. Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now?*

  • Answers will vary. [District of Columbia residents and residents of U.S. territories should answer that D.C. (or the territory where the applicant lives) has no U.S. Senators.]

21. The House of Representatives has how many voting members?

  • four hundred thirty-five (435)

22. We elect a U.S. Representative for how many years?

  • two (2)

23. Name your U.S. Representative.

  • Answers will vary. [Residents of territories with nonvoting Delegates or Resident Commissioners may provide the name of that Delegate or Commissioner. Also acceptable is any statement that the territory has no (voting) Representatives in Congress.]

24. Who does a U.S. Senator represent?

  • all people of the state

25. Why do some states have more Representatives than other states?

  • (because of) the state’s population
  • (because) they have more people
  • (because) some states have more people

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