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Essentials of Marketing
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Essentials of Marketing

Dear readers, here we are offering Essentials of Marketing PDF to all of you. The marketing information system, and in turn the management information system, provide essential inputs to the control system, but the organization depends on people to work the system through regular appraisal.

Comparison of performance against target and the coincident variance analysis will enable corrective action to be taken to further exploit marketing and market opportunities and threats. Contingency planning is a form of control that can and should be used, particularly where markets are volatile.

Essentials of Marketing PDF – SYLLABUS

Marketing Management/Essentials of Marketing

Objectives: Be conversant with the challenges raised by the complexity of the marketing environment for managing products and services, communications, channel relationships, and other marketing mix factors. Display an awareness of conceptual understanding and best practices in marketing in managing marketing operations. Demonstrate their ability to use relevant decision models in recommending appropriate strategies related to the marketing mix.


Sr. No. Description
1. Marketing Scope and Concepts, marketing: creating and capturing customer value, partnering to build customer relationship
2. Understanding the market place and consumers: analyzing the marketing environment, managing marketing information to gain customer insight
3. Consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior, business markets and business buyer behavior
4. Designing a customer driven strategy and mix: creating value for target customer, products, services and brands: building customer value, new product development and product life cycle strategies
5. Pricing: understanding and capturing customer value, Pricing strategies
6. Managing Marketing Channels, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Retailing and Wholesaling
7. Integrated Marketing Communication, Sales Promotions, Advertising and Public Relations, Sales Management, Personal Selling, Direct and online Marketing
8. Creating competitive advantage, The global marketplace
9. Sustainable marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics


Sr. No. Description
1. Marketing Concepts, Marketing Mix, Marketing Environment
2. Strategic Planning Process, Market segmentation and Targeting and positioning
3. Marketing Research, Marketing Information system
4. Consumer Buying Behaviour, Consumer buying decision process
5. Managing product, Product Differentiation and Positioning, New Product Development, Product Life cycle, Managing Brands and Brand equity
6. Meaning and Significance of price, Factors influencing pricing, General Pricing Approaches, Pricing Strategies
7. Physical Distribution and Marketing Logistics, Marketing Channels, Creating and Managing Dealer Network, Retailing and Wholesaling.
8. Integrated Marketing Communication, Sales Promotions, Advertising and Public Relations, Sales Management, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing
9. Marketing Evaluation and Control, Marketing of services
10. Recent concepts in Marketing, Global Marketing Strategies for Indian Firms.


Sr. No. Description
1. An overview of marketing, Strategic planning for competitive advantage.
2. Social responsibility, Ethics and the marketing environment, developing a global vision.
3. Analyzing Marketing Opportunities : consumer decision making, business marketing.
4. Segmenting and targeting markets, Decision support systems and marketing research.
5. Product concepts, developing and managing products, services and non profit organization marketing.
6. Marketing channels and supply chain management, Retailing.
7. Integrated marketing communications, Advertising and Public Relations.
8. Sales promotion and personal selling.
9. Pricing concepts, Setting the right price.
10. Customer Relationship Management.

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