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Full Ardas in English
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Full Ardas in English

Dear reader, if you are searching for Full Ardas in English PDF and are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. Ardas is one of the most famous, trusted, and important prayers in the midst of the Sikh community.

Sikhism is an Indian religion that was generated in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, modern-day Pakistan, around the end of the 15th century CE. An Ardas contains 3 parts.

The 1st part recites the virtues of the 10 Gurus of Sikhism from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh, beginning with lines from Chandi di Var from the Dasam Granth. The Ardas is a determined prayer in Sikhism. It is a part of a worship service in a Gurdwara.

Full Ardas in English PDF

Ekh-oonkaar Vaaheguroo jee kee Fat’eh.

Sree Bhagautee jee Sahaa-e. Vaar Sree Bhagautee jee kee Paat’shaahee D’assveen


Pritham Bhagat’ee simar kaae Guroo Nanak laeen’ D’hiaa-ae.

Phir Angad, Guroo t’ae Amar-Daas Ram-Daas-aae hoeen’ sahaa-ae.

Arjan Hargobind no simro Sree Har Raae.

Sree Har-Kishan d’hiaa-ee-aae jis dit’haae sabhe dukhe jaa-aae

Teg-Bahaad’ur simri-aae ghar naau nid’he aavaae d’haa-e.

Sabh thaa-een’ ho-e sahaa-e.


Dassvaen’ Paat-Shah Sree Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee

sabh thaa-een’ ho-e sahaa-e.

Dassaan’ Paat’shaahee-aan’ d’ee jot Sree Guroo Granth Sahib jee

d’ae paat’h d’eed’aar daa d’heaan dhar kae bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Panjaan’ piaareaan’, chauhaan’ Sahibzaad-eaan’, chaalee mukt-eaan’,

Hat’hee-aan’, jappee-aan’, tappee-aan’, jinhaa’ Naam jap-eaa, vand chhakeaa,

d’aeg chalaa-ee, tegh vaahee, daekh kae andit’h keetaa,

Tinhaan piaareaan’, sache-aare-aan dee kamaaee daa

dHe-aan d’har kae Khaalsaa jee bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Jinhaan’ singhaan’ singhaniaan’ nae dHaram haet sees deettae, baaNd baaNd kataa-ae,

Khopariaan’ luhaa-ee-aan’, charkharee-aan’ tae charhae, aare-aan’ naal chiraa-ae ga-ae,

Gurduaare-aan’ dee saevaa la-ee kurbaaniaan’ keeTee-aan’, dHaram naheen’ haareaa,

Sikhee kaesaan’ svaasaan’ naal nibhaa-ee, tinhaan’ dee kamaa-ee dah

theaan dhar kae Khaalsaa jee bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Panjaan’ Takhtaan’, sarbatt Gurdvaareaan’

dah theaan dHar kae bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Prathmae sarbatt Khaalsaa jee kee Ardaas haae jee,

sarbatt Khaalsaa jee ko Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, Vaheguroo, chitt aavae,

chitt aavan kaa sadkaa sarab sukh hovae,

Jahaan’ Jahaan’ Khaalsaa jee Sahib, ta’Haan’ ta’Haan’ rachheaa riaa-it,

Daeg taeg Fateh, bihrd kee paaej, Panth kee jeet,

Sir’ee sahib jee sahaa-ae, Khalsae jee kae bol baalae, bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Sikhaan’ noon’ Sikhee daan, Kesh daan, RehT daan, bibaek daan,

visaah daan, bharosaa daan, daanaan’ s-ir daan, Naam daan,

sree Amritsar jee dah ishnaan, Chukiaan’, Jhandae, Bungae

jugo j-ugg At’aaLL, dharam kaa jaaekaar. Bolo jee Vaaheguroo.


Sikhaan’ dah maaNN neevaan’, maTT ouchee, maTT dah raakhaa Aap Vaaheguroo.

Hae Akaal-Purkh, Deen-Deaal, Karan-Kaaran,

Patit-Pavan, Kreepaa-Needhaan jee

Aapan-ae Panth dae sadaa sahaa-ee Dataar jeeo.


Sree Nankaanaa Sahib tae hor Gurdvaareaan’, Gur’dhaamaan’ dae

jinhaan’ thon’ Panth noon’ vichhor-eaa geaa haee

Khullhae darshan dee-daara tae sevaa san-mbhaal daa daan Khaalsa jee noon’ bakhsho.


Hae Nimaaneaan’ dae Maan, Nitaaneaan. dae Taan’,

Nioteaan’ dee O-ut, Sachae Pit.aa Vaaheguroo,

Aap dah hazoor …………… dee Ardaas haae jee, (Here say the morning or the evening Nitnem, or mention the occasion for Ardas).


Akharr daa vaadhaa ghaataa, bhull chukk maaf karnaa jee,

sarbatt dae karaj raas karnae,

Sae-ee piaarae maelo jinhaan’ miliaan’ Taeraa Naam chitt aavae.

Nanak Naam charh’dee kalaa, T’arae bhaanae sarbatt daa bhalaa.


Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh


Word to Word Meaning of Ardas in English

There is one God. All Victory belongs to God. May the dynamic power of God help us.

The poetic verse of Sri Bhagauti, composed by the Tenth King.


Having first involved the dynamic power of God, call on Guru Nanak.

Then on Angad Guru, Amar Das and Ram Das, may they ever protect us.

Then call on Arjan, and Hargobind, holy Har Rai.

Remember Holy Har Krishan, whose sight dispels all sorrows.

Then remember Teg Bahadur by whose remembrance the nine treasures come hurrying to ones home.

Be ever with us O Masters.


May the tenth king, Guru Gobind Singh be ever on our side.

Let us now turn our thoughts to the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib,

the visible embodiment of the ten Gurus and utter, O Khalsa Ji, Waheguru! (glory be to God).


The Five Beloved Ones, the four Sahibzaade (sons of the tenth Master), the forty emancipated ones,

the martyrs, the true disciples, the contemplators of God,

and those who remained steadfast on the path of Dharma,

remember their glorious deeds and utter O Khalsa Ji, Waheguru!


Those who dwelled on God’s Name shared their honest earnings with others,

wielded sword on the battlefield, distributed food in companionship,

offered their heads at the altar of Dharma, were cut up limb by limb, skinned alive, boiled or sawn alive,

but did not utter a sigh nor faltered in their faith, kept the sanctity of their hair until their last breath,

sacrificed their lives for the sanctity of Gurdwaras; remember their glorious deeds and utter O Khalsa Ji, Waheguru!.


Turn your thoughts to the five seats of Sikh authorities

and all the Gurdwaras and utter O Khalsa, Waheguru!


First, there is a supplication for all the Khalsa Panth.

May the Lord bestow upon His Khalsa the gift of His remembrance, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru,

and may the merit of this remembrance be the happiness of all kinds.

O God, wherever are the members of Khalsa, extend Your protection and mercy on them;

let the Panth be ever victorious, let the sword be ever our protector.

May the order of the Khalsa achieve ever-expanding progress and supremacy. Utter O Khalsa, Waheguru!


May God grant to the Sikhs, the gift of faith, the gift of uncut hair, the Kesh,

the gift of discipline, the gift of spiritual discrimination, the gift of mutual trust,

the gift of self-confidence and the supreme gift of all the gifts, the communion with Waheguru,

the Name and the gift of bathing in Amritsar, May the administrative centers, banners, the cantonments of Khalsa ever remain inviolate.


May the cause of truth and justice prevail everywhere at all times, utter O Khalsa, Waheguru!.

May the minds of Sikhs remain humble, and their wisdom exalted. Waheguru!

you are the protector of  wisdom. Almighty Lord! Our helper and protector ever, restore to us the right and privilege of unhindered and free service

and access to Nankana Sahib and other centers of Sikh religion from which we have been separated.


God, the Helper of the helpless, the Strength of the weak, the Supporter of the fallen, the true father of all.

Forgive us O Lord, all our faults, extend Your helping hand to everyone.

Grant us the company of those who may help keep Your Name fresh in our hearts.


Through Satguru Nanak, may Your Name be exalted

and may all of mankind prosper according to your Will.


The Khalsa belongs to God and to Him belongs the victory.

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