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General Retail Award Pay Rates 2022
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General Retail Award Pay Rates 2022

Here in this post, we are going to present General Retail Award Pay Rates 2022 PDF. Select from the drop-down options below to calculate your Base Pay Rate and Weekend Penalty Rates under the General Retail Industry Award with effect from July 1, 2022.

These rates are only for workers covered under the general retail industry award. Check to see if you are covered by your federally negotiated enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) here.

General Retail Award Pay Rates 2022 PDF – Highlights

Who the Retail Award covers

Retail awards include employers and employees in the general retail industry who fit within the award’s classification.

The general retail industry means the sale or rental of goods or services to final consumers for personal, domestic or commercial consumption and includes:

  • retailers (such as supermarkets or grocery stores)
  • department stores (such as stores selling clothes or soft goods)
  • stores selling:
    • furniture and household appliances
    • recreational goods
    • personal and household goods
    • household equipment repair services (electronic devices)
  • bakery shops mainly baking products to sell on the same premises
  • retail travel agencies
  • customer information and assistance provided by shopping centers or retail complexes
  • newspaper deliveries by a newsagency
  • clerical work done in a retail store
  • retail poultry store
  • retail activities conducted from a seafood processing establishment
  • businesses engaged in supporting vending machines.

Examples of employees covered by the Retail Award include:

  • check-out operators and sales assistants
  • stock hands and shelf stackers
  • door-to-door salespersons
  • trolley collectors
  • service supervisors, department and store managers
  • tradespersons such as butchers, bakers, and florists
  • an employee selling travel packages to final consumers (eg. retail travel agencies)
  • back-office employees performing clerical work in a retail shop
  • electrical device repairers (mobile phones, tablets, etc

Who the Retail Award doesn’t cover

The following employers and employees are not covered by the Retail Award:

  • retail pharmacies, pharmacies in hospitals and institutions providing an in-patient service
  • stand-alone butcher shops
  • stand-alone nurseries
  • retail activities conducted from manufacturing or processing establishments
  • clerical functions performed away from the retail establishment
  • warehousing and distribution
  • motor vehicles, fuel and parts retailing
  • restaurants, cafes, hotels and motels
  • building, construction, installation, repair and maintenance contractors doing work at a retail establishment.

The Retail Award doesn’t cover employers and employees when they are covered by one of the following awards:

  • Fast Food Award
  • Hair and Beauty Award
  • Meat Award
  • Pharmacy Award.

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