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Her Villains Jade Presley
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Her Villains Jade Presley

Dear readers, here we are offering Her Villains Jade Presley PDF to all of you. Her Villains is a very good novel that was originally published on 20 March 2022. This fantastic novel has received 3.9/5 ratings on Goodreads. Her Villains is one of the best-seller fantasy novels.

Her Villains is written by Jade Presley who is a very well know author. There are many book lovers who want to get this novel to read but are not able to find it anywhere then you landed on the right article because here we have provided the Her Villains Jade Presley in PDF format.

Her Villains Jade Presley PDF – Short Summary

  • My wedding day is cursed. I’ve lived my entire life under the stars, but the sun shines brightly as I walk toward my three soon-to-be husbands. Of course, I’ve known for years that my bonding ceremony would be like
    walking to my death.
  • What else can it be, when I’m marrying the enemy? I step in front of the high priestess, my three betrothed standing with military stiffness before her. Their faces are hidden by their All Plane helmets—maroon and gold with a sun emblem blazoned across the forehead.
  • But each one is incredibly tall and well-built beneath their tight-fitting royal armour. “You understand what I’m asking of you, daughter?” my father’s voice echoes in the back of my mind, the memory of our conversation last night replacing the wedding scene before me.
  • Asking? He isn’t asking. The king of the Shattered Isle asks for nothing. He’s demanding. Ordering. And as his sole heir? I’m expected to obey. Some missions, like the time he’d send me to the Onyx City at the edge of our
    island to eradicate a mite infestation was pure fun and adventure.
  • I’d dispersed the dozen parasitic creatures before they could nest or threaten too many lives. Other times, like when he sent me to Sand’s Swallow—an impoverished village on our island—to help jump-start its harvest, were heart-wrenching.
  • But this mission? Can I do this? I tip my chin up. “I will marry the princes of the All Plane.” “Your marriage will bring peace to the two realms.” He shifts his massive form on his throne. The obsidian chair is smooth and polished with intricately carved constellations decorated into the rock.
  • It has served as the Shattered Isle king’s throne for ages, with each ruler adding their own set of stars to it when they ascend the throne. “Our two kingdoms will no longer know the centuries-long war that has cost both realms buckets of blood.”
  • I nod. “You will serve the princes in any way they desire.” His eyebrows raise as he looks down at me. “Yes, Father,” I say from where I kneel on the stone floor before the dais on which he sits. “Whatever they want,” he continues. “We have been enemies for longer than this world can remember. Their ancestors are the reason our Isle is shattered.
  • The Great War broke our land, separated us from them, sweeping in that black ocean to keep us contained. Their thirst for blood is the reason I keep our people under such control, to protect them.” Anger colours his tone, and his massive fist tightens on his golden sceptre.
  • I bite my tongue, knowing exactly what kind of punishment I’ll receive if I speak up for our people again. Speak out against Father’s restrictive curfews, the taxes he collects to fund his armies that leave the people starving, and the fear of young males being ripped from their families to join an army before they’re big enough to hold a sword.
  • My people deserve better. And if completing this mission will loosen Father’s grip on them, then I will do it.
    “The orders they deliver may differ vastly from that of our traditions,” he continues. I swallow hard, the only show of nerves I’ll allow. The All Plane bred warriors of the most lethal kind—brutish and brash.
  • Our Shattered Isle warriors are known for cunning and stealth but are no less deadly than the All Plane warriors who deign themselves saviours of the realms. They rule with endless armies and wipe out anyone they deem too different from their own kind.
  • Like us. Shattered Isles who draw strength from the stars and the moon and the raging black sea. The All Plane draws their power from the sun and warmth and solid earth. We couldn’t be more different. What will the All Plane princes ask me to do? As their wife, I’ll be expected to accommodate any and all desires, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little concerned with what they might demand of me.
  • “I’ll make them happy.” For my people. I’ll do anything to help them, save them. “You’ll have to do more than that,” he says. “I’ll make them love me.” I recite the plan we’ve gone over for weeks. Months. Years. “Their love for you must grow wider and deeper than our beloved sea.”
  • He rises from his throne, stepping down the stone stairs to meet me. I rise at his motion, tipping my head up to look at him. “For our people, for the fate of the worlds,” he says, two fingers under my chin. “You must make them believe you are everything they have ever searched for.”
  • “Yes, Father.” “Love is like a blade winking in the moonlight—it blinds before it kills.” I nod. He’d raised an assassin princess. Strong, cunning, deadly. All wrapped in a pretty package no one would ever suspect. “I won’t ask you if you can do this,” he continues, dropping his hand from my chin. “
  • I know you can. Because I know you understand the alternative if you fail.” He glances at his most trusted second in command—General Payne—who delights in torture and blood. The garish creature grins at me, teeth like sharpened claws, and a shiver skated down my spine.
  • If I fail, General Payne will make my death last for nights. And if the princes suspect me for even a second, they’ll kill me. I’m the enemy, after all. I always have been. My people always have been. Failure isn’t an option.
    “I understand what I have to do,” I say, willing strength into my voice.
  • Marry the princes of the All Plane. Journey to their realm. Kill each of them before we reach the palace. And somehow not get caught. The fate of our people hangs in the balance. What can possibly go wrong? “With the braiding of power, touch, and spoken vow,” the high priestess says, snapping me back to the present.
  • “I implore you all to make the bond official.” “Bonded for life,” we each say in unison. “I will protect and cherish my mate until the breath leaves my lungs.” We finish the words required of us, and the priestess offers us each a dip of her head. “You are bonded,” she says and turns to the crowd of my people. Some offer well-wishing looks, but none cheer or clap or jump up and down. And I can’t blame them. This is a radical move they never saw coming. Yet, there is hope in my people’s eyes.
  • Hope for a new era to follow this unprecedented union.
    One of peace. I wish peace could be so easily gained with a wedding, a few bonds, and a future chained to my new husband. Too bad the price for peace can only be bought with blood.

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