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If by Rudyard Kipling

Dear readers, here we are offering If by Rudyard Kipling PDF to all of you. “IF” is a famous poem that was originally published in 1910. This poem is written by Rudyard Kipling who is also known as Joseph Rudyard Kipling. He was born on 30 December 1865 in Mumbai.

He has received so many awards for his notable contribution to the field of literature including the Nobel Prize in Literature, Audie Award for Audio Drama, and Audie Award for Excellence in Production. If by Rudyard Kipling is a poem that you will definitely remember forever.

If by Rudyard Kipling Summary PDF / Analysis of the Poem If by Rudyard Kipling PDF

  • “If” is a beautiful poem. It was written by Rudyard Kipling. It is highly motivational. Rudyard Kipling gives many suggestions. He talks about success. He gives ideas to succeed in life. The poem is in the form of advice. This advice is given by a father to a son. The father gives suggestions to succeed in life. The first suggestion is composure. A person should be cool. We should not become angry easily.
  • The second suggestion is self-belief. We should be confident. We should say ‘I can’. The next suggestion is patience. If we are patient, we can succeed in life. Patience is very important to complete any project. The next suggestion is the truth. We should be honest. We should not say lies.
  • The truth will help a person to succeed in life. The next suggestion is love. We should love everyone. We should be affectionate to everyone. The next suggestion is a dream. We should dream about our goals every day. One day our dream will come true. Kipling says that we should treat both success and failure equally.

Structure of the Poem

The whole poem is written in a single complex sentence. So all the subordinate clauses begin with ‘if’ and the main clause concluding the entire theme comes at the end, and the poem ends with a full stop. This structure of the poem was important to achieve the conditional goal. The poet speaks of the achievement at the end, after discussing all the requirements to reach there.

This structure is actually symbolic in suggesting that you can get the rewards only after you have fulfilled the preconditions. Moreover, this makes the readers eager to know what would happen when we meet all these conditions, thus retaining the curiosity and interest till the end.

Thus, “If” is a beautiful poem. It talks about success. It is a poem of the ultimate inspiration that tells us how to deal with different situations in life. Self-belief, truth, patience, and composure are important to succeed in life.

About the Author of If by Rudyard Kipling PDF

Born Joseph Rudyard Kipling
30 December 1865
Malabar Hill, Bombay Presidency, British India
Died 18 January 1936 (aged 70)
Fitzrovia, London, England
Resting place Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey
Occupation Short-story writer, novelist, poet, journalist
Nationality British
Genre Short story, novel, children’s literature, poetry, travel literature, science fiction
Notable works The Jungle Book
Just So Stories
Captains Courageous
“Gunga Din”
“The White Man’s Burden”
Notable awards Nobel Prize in Literature 1907
Caroline Starr Balestier (m. 1892)
  • Josephine
  • Elsie
  • John

If Poem Analysis PDF

First published in Rewards and Fairies
Publisher Doubleday, Page & Company
Publication date 1910 (112 years ago)

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