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Indian Contract ACT 1872
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Indian Contract ACT 1872

Here in this post, we are presenting the Indian Contract ACT 1872 PDF. Contract law is the law related to the constitution in India, which is about the agreement, contract, etc. to be done in India, according to which provision of which law they will be applicable to the contractors. The Contract Act of India was made in 1872 during the British Raj. Parts of this were later removed and made as a separate law.

Almost 150 years later, the Indian Contract Act is as relevant today as it was when it was enacted. Or it can be said that today contract law has become more important than before because there has been a lot of increase in trade and business in the country.

Indian Contract ACT 1872 PDF Details Overview

1 – Short title.

2 – Explanation section.

3 – Communication, acceptance, and revocation of proposals

4 – When the communication is complete

5-Revocation and acceptance of proposals

6 – How the revocation is done

7 – Acceptance must be complete

8 – Acceptance by complying with the conditions or receiving consideration

9 – promises, expressed and implied

10 – What agreements are contracts

11 – Who is competent to contract

12-What is a healthy mind for the purposes of contraction?

13 – Consent Defined

14 – Free consent defined

15 – Definition of “coercion”

16 – ‘Undue influence’ defined

17 – Definition of “fraud”

18 – Definition of misrepresentation

19 – Void of agreements without free consent

19A – Power to cancel contract induced by undue influence

20 – Where the matter of fact is the fault of both the parties, the agreement is void

21 – Effect of mistakes in the form of law

22 – Contract due to fault of one party as a matter of fact

23 – What ideas and motives are valid, and what is not

24 – Agreement void, if the ideas and objects are partially illegal

25 – Agreement without consideration is void (Agreement without consideration)

26 – Agreement obstructing marriage is void

27 – Agreement obstructing trade, void

28 – Agreements obstructing legal proceedings, void

29 – Agreement void due to uncertainty

30 – Agreement by way of stake, void

31 – Continent Agreement Defined

32 – Enforcement of contingent contracts on the happening of an event

33 – Enforcement of contingent contracts on the non-occurrence of an event

34 – When the event upon which the contract rests if it is the future conduct of a living person when that event shall be deemed impossible.

35 – When contracts become void, which is contingent on the occurrence of the specified event within a certain period of time

36 – Contingency agreement on an impossible event void

37 – Obligation of the parties to the contract

38 – Effect of refusal to accept the offer of performance

39 – The effect of refusing to fully fulfill the promise of the party

40 – The person by whom the promise is to be performed

41 – Effect of accepting performance from a third person

42 – Transfer of Joint Liabilities

43 – One of the joint promisors may be compelled to act.

44 – Effect of release of a joint promisor

45 – Transfer of joint rights

46 – Time to keep the promise

47 – The time and place of performance of the promise, where the time is specified and no application is to be made

48 – Application for execution on the specified day to be at the proper time and place

49 – Place for the performance of the promise, where no application is to be made and no place earmarked for performance

50 – Performed in the manner or on time as determined or accepted by the Commitment

51 – The promiser is not bound to perform unless the reciprocal promiser is ready and willing to perform

52 – Sequence of performance of reciprocal promises

53 – Liability of the party preventing the event on which the contract is to take effect

54 – Effect of default in respect of promise that must be fulfilled

55 – Effect of not being able to perform a contract in which time is necessary, in that contract

56 – Agreement to do the impossible

57 – Mutual promise to do legal work, and other things illegal

58 – Optional Promise, a branch invalid

59 – Application for payments where the debt is indicated to be discharged (Application for payment, where the discharge of the debt is indicated)

60 – Application for payment where the debt to be discharged is not indicated

61 – Application for payment where neither party appropriates

62 – Effect of innovation, cancellation, and change in contract

63 – The promiser can fulfill or fulfill the promise

64 – Consequences of revocation of a voidable contract

65 – Liability of person receiving a benefit under the void agreement, or contract which becomes void

66 – Mode of intimation or cancellation of voidable contract

67 – Effect of neglect of commitment by the promisor in providing reasonable facilities for the performance

68 – A claim for necessities supplied to, or on account of, a person unable to contract

69 – Reimbursement of a person paying money due by another, in the payment of which he has an interest

70 – Liability of the person receiving the benefit of non-granting work

71 – Responsibility of the finder of goods

72 – Liability of person to whom money is given, or thing is delivered, by mistake or coercion

73 – Compensation for loss or damage caused by a breach of contract

74 – Compensation for breach of contract where the penalty is prescribed for

75 – The party canceling the contract is entitled to compensation

76 – Sale of goods

124 – Definition of “contract of indemnity”

125 – Rights of indemnity holder in case of litigation

126 – “contract of guarantee”, “surety”, “principal debtor” and “creditor” (‘contract of guarantee’, ‘surety’, ‘principal debtor’ and ‘creditor’)

127 – Considerations for Guarantee

128 – Liability of surety

129 – Perpetual Guarantee

130 – Revocation of Perpetual Guarantee

131 – Revocation of guarantee issued by the death of surety

133 – Discharge of bail by variation in terms of the contract

134 – Release of principal debtor or discharge of bail by discharge

135 – Discharge of surety when creditor compositions with the principal debtor, gives him a time or agrees not to sue him (discharge of surety when compounded with the creditor, gives time, or not to sue agrees, principal debtor)

136 – When the agreement is entered into with a third person to grant time to the principal debtor, the agreement entered into with a third person to grant time to the principal debtor does not lapse

137 – Tolerance to sue the creditor does not release bail

138 – The release of one co-bail does not discharge the other

139 – Discharge of bail by act or omission of creditor impairs the last resort of surety

140 – Rights of bail on payment or performance

141 – The surety’s right to the benefit of the creditor’s securities

142 – Guarantee derived from misrepresentation shall be invalid (Guarantee derived from misrepresentation, invalid)

143 – Invalidation of guarantees obtained by concealment (guarantees obtained by concealment, invalid)

144 – Guarantee on contract that creditor will not act unless co-collateral is included

145 – Implicit promise to indemnify surety

146 – Co-surety equally liable to contribute

147 – Liability of co-collateral tied in different amounts

148 – Bail, “bailable and surety defined”

149 – How the delivery was made to the surety

150 – Duty of the surety to disclose defects in the goods of the surety

151 – Care to be taken by a surety

152 – Giving surety for not being liable for damages, etc., of the surety

153 – Termination of bail by an act of bailee inconsistent with conditions

154 – Liability of surety making unauthorized use of surety goods

155 – Effect of mixture with the consent of the surety, of his goods with the consent of the surety

156 – Effect of mixing without the consent of the surety, when the goods may be separated

157 – Effect of mixing, without the consent of the surety, when the goods cannot be separated

158 – Repayment of necessary expenses by a surety

159 – Restoration of goods lent free of charge

160 – Return of goods on surety, on expiry of time, or on fulfillment of purpose

161 – Responsibility of the bailee if the goods are not returned duly

162 – Termination of free bail by death

163 – The surety entitled to increase or benefit from surety goods

164 – Responsibility of bailiff of bailiff

165 – Bail by several joint owners

166 – Bailey not responsible for redistribution to surety without title)

167 – Right of a third person to claim bailable goods

168 – Right to find goods, may sue for a specific reward

169 – When the finder of the article on sale ordinarily can sell it

170 – Bailey’s special lien

171 – General lien of bankers, factors, quacks, lawyers and policy-brokers

172 – Definition of ‘pledge’, ‘pavani’ and ‘pavani’ (defining “pledge”, ‘panjar’ and ‘panjani’

173 – Right of retainer of Pawnee

174 – Pawnee is not to be held for debt or to make a promise other than that for which the goods have been pledged. in case of subsequent advances)

175 – Right to be acknowledged in respect of extraordinary expenditure incurred

176 – Right of pawn where the pawn defaults

177 – Right to encashment of defaulting moneylender

178A – Pledge by person in possession under voidable contract

178 – Pledge by trading agent

179 – Pledge where pledgee has only limited interest

180 – Suit by the surety or the surety against the wrongdoer

181 – Distribution of relief or compensation received from such suits

182 – ‘Agent’ and ‘Principal’ defined

183 – Who can appoint an agent

184 – Who can be an agent

185 – Consideration not required

186 – Agent’s authority may be expressed or implied

187 – Definitions of Express and Implicit Authority

188 – Limitation of agent’s authority

189 – Agent’s right in case of emergency

190 – When the agent cannot delegate

191 – Definition of “sub-agent”

192 – Representation of the Principal by a suitably appointed Sub-Agent

193 – Agent’s responsibility for a sub-agent appointed without authority

194 – Relationship between the principal and the person duly appointed by the agent to act in the business of the agency

195 – Agent’s duty in naming such person

196 – Right of the person about the acts done for him without his authority. effect of ratification

197 – ratification may be expressed or implied (ratification may be expressed or implied)

198 – Knowledge required for valid ratification

199 – Effect of confirming unauthorized act forming part of a transaction

200 – Ratification of the unauthorized act cannot injure a third person

201 – Termination of Agency

202 – Termination of agency, where the agent has an interest in subject matter

203 – When the principal can revoke the agent’s authority

204 – Repeal where the right has been partially exercised

205 – Compensation for revocation by the principal, or resignation by agent

206 – Repeal or notice of revocation

207 – Revocation and relinquishment may be expressed or implied

208 – When the termination of the authority of the agent as an agent and as a third person takes effect

209 – Duty of agent on the death of principal or termination of agency by insanity

210 – Termination of sub-agent’s authority

211 – Agent’s duty in the conduct of principal’s business

212 – Required skill and diligence from the agent

213 – Agent’s accounts

214 – Agent’s duty to communicate with principal

215 – Right of principal when agent deals in agency business on his account without the consent of principal – Right of principal when agent deals on his account in agency business without the principal’s consent

216 – Principal’s right to profits derived by an agent dealing with his own account in the business of the agency

217 – Agent’s right of retainer out of the amount received in the account of the principal

218 – Agent’s duty to pay the amount received for principal

219 – When agent’s remuneration becomes due

220 – Agent not entitled to remuneration for misconduct

221 – Agent’s lien on principal’s property

222 – The agent must be indemnified against the consequences of legal acts

223 – The agent must be compensated for the consequences of actions done in good faith

224 – Non-liability of agent’s employer to commit a criminal act

225 – Compensation to agent for injury caused by neglect of principal

226 – Enforcement and Consequences of Agent’s Contracts

227 – How far, when the agent exceeds the authority

228 – The principal is not bound when the agent’s authority is not in excess of

229 – Consequences of information given to the agent

230 – The agent may not personally enforce or binding contracts entered into on behalf of the principal (the agent may not personally enforce, nor be bound by contracts on behalf of the principal)

231 – Right of the parties to the contract made by the agent not disclosed

232 – Execution of a contract with an agent deemed to be the principal

233 – Right of the person dealing with a personally liable agent

234 – Consequence of inducing agent or principal to act on the belief that principal or agent will be specifically liable

235 – Liability of pretending agent

236 – Person falsely contracting as an agent, not entitled to performance

237 – Liability of the principal inciting the agent’s confidence to authorize unauthorized acts

238 – Effect on agreement of misrepresentation or fraud by agent

239 – About partnership (of partnership)

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