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Japamala Malayalam
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Japamala Malayalam

Dear reader, if you are searching for Japamala Malayalam PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. “Japa” is a Sanskrit word which means to practice, chant, or recite mantras or names of deities, chanting or mentally. When you chant or chant that mantra, this rosary will be counted on your fingers.

There are many mantras in this rosary that will help you reduce stress and keep practicing to become an expert in many spiritual activities. Decorative items are used to count the goals. If you want to practice Japamala in Malayalam, you can download the following PDF at the link given below.

Japamala Malayalam PDF

Lord Almighty, who is the embodiment of all infinite good, we, wicked and ungrateful sinners, are not worthy to pray before you, who are so infinitely glorified but rely on your infinite mercy and praise to the Holy Mother of God We do.

I want to chant Mani Lord, help me to complete this prayer with devotion and without any thought.  The doctrine of Faith…………
1 heaven
Ask the Holy Mother of God, the daughter of God the Father, to the Holy Father to effect the virtue of faith in us.
1 good
The Holy Mother of God, the Mother of God the Son, prays to the Holy Father that we move forward in the refuge of God.
1 good
Pray to the Holy Mother of God, Beloved of the Holy God, the Holy Father, to increase in us the quality of the love of God.
1 good. 1Tr

Secrets of Happiness (Monday, Saturday)

1. Let us dwell on the fact that the angel Gabriel announced the good news to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and give birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
Mother, help us to obey God’s will in all things, just as you have obeyed His will.
1 heaven. 10 good.1 Tri.
O Jesus, forgive our sins and save us from the fire of hell. Bring all souls to heaven, especially those in need of more mercy.

2. When we hear of Elisha being pregnant, let us dwell on the fact that the Blessed Virgin Mary visited her and served her for three months.
Mother, bless us to take this opportunity to help others
1 heaven. 10 good.1 Tri.
Oh God ……….

3. Let us meditate on the Blessed Virgin Mary, who at midnight gives birth to her son in a cave in the city of Bethlehem, a sanctuary for cattle, and puts him in a manger.
Mother, when we experience the difficulties and inconveniences of the Sabbath, help us to patiently receive them from God’s hands.
1 heaven. 10 good.1 Tri.

4. Let us dwell on the fact that on the fortnight the Holy Mother of God dedicated Unnishaw to God at the hands of Simeon in the temple / ………
Mother, help us to realize that we have free gifts from God, and to live by dedicating them all to God.
1 heaven. 10 good.1 Tri.

5. Let us take note of the fact that the Blessed Mother of God when her son was twelve years old, searched for him and found him in the temple on the third day.
Mother, bless us to renounce all that separates us from Esso and accept all that help us come closer to Esso.
1 heaven. 10 well.1 tri

Tragic Secret (Tuesday, Friday)

1. That our Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood in the Garden
Let us meditate on the sad secret of God / ……… Concerned Mother, help us to grieve the sins of men and make atonement for them.
1 heaven .10 good.1 tri

2. Let us reflect on the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ was flogged in Pilate’s palace.
1 heaven .10 good.1 tri

3. Let us notice that the soldiers dressed our Lord Jesus Christ /………… Mother, Jesus disliked
Help us not to let anything enter our memory, intellect, and mind

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