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Kingdom of Ash

Dear readers, here we are providing the Kingdom of Ash PDF to all of you. The Kingdom of Ash is a famous novel that was originally published on 23 October 2018. The Kingdom of Ash has received a 4.8/5 stars rating on Amazon, 4.6/5 on Flipkart, and 4.6/5 on Goodreads.

Kingdom of Ash was written by Sarah J. Maas. His full name is Sarah Janet Maas. He was born on 5 March 1986 in Manhattan, New York, United States. He is one of the most popular American fantasy authors who has received various kinds of awards for his creations.

Kingdom of Ash PDF – Short Summary

Chapter 1: Aedion is reunited with the Bane, moving the troops from the armada to the Bane’s camp in the Plain of Theralis. No one has noticed in two months that Lysandra is pretending to be Aelin, even though Aelin/Lysandra isn’t using her firepower.

Aedion still refuses to talk to Lysandra, and only does it when she is pretending to be Aelin so it helps to convince people. Six Valg appear through the mountain pass, they kill five and take one to interrogate for information.

They reach Allsbrook castle and they are reunited with Evangeline. Aedion receives a letter from Kyllian, one of his commanders, telling him Morath’s troops have made landfall in Eldrys and have destroyed the city.

Chapter 2: Elide, Gavriel, Rowan, and Lorcan are in a city near Dardanelle. Rowan has found one of Maeve’s commanders and is torturing him for information.
Chapter 3: Aelin has been left chained on a stone altar. Fenrys has been ordered to stay and watch in his wolf form, has to watch her be tortured every time. They give her food and water laced with iron so she can’t use her powers. Maeve is torturing her and trying to convince her to swear the blood oath to Maeve.
Chapter 4: Manon, Dorian and the Thirteen are searching for the Crochan witches. Dorian is planning to seal the Wyrdgate, needs to find the last key, and will then sacrifice himself to forge the Lock. Dorian uses Wyrdmarks to summon Gavin. Gavin doesn’t want to reveal where the last key is because of what will happen to Elena. He finally tells him the third key is in Morath. He tells Dorian Damaris can guide him and he will know when he is ready to go to Morath. Dorian asks Gavin if he is human, Gavin says he can’t answer that.
Chapter 5: Rowan and the others are getting conflicting information. One commander told them Maeve is in Doranelle, another said Akkadia. Rowan has a dream of Aelin pregnant, with their other children beside her. Rowan is determined to not let Aelin sacrifice herself to make the Lock.
Chapter 6: Chaol is still sailing for Erilea, doesn’t know that Maeve has Aelin yet. Nesryn, Sartaq and Falkan are on a scouting mission – see villages burned by Morath. Yrene is pregnant.
Chapter 7: A white bear tries to attack Manon – it shifts, is the stygian spider Manon tricked in Heir of Fire. This is the same spider that took twenty years from Falkan, which is how she got his shifter power. Spider tells Manon it can lead her to the Crochans. Dorian has been practising his magic, can use many other things not just his ice – he now wonders if he can shapeshift.
Chapter 8: Cairn takes Aelin to see Maeve, Aelin then realises they are actually in Doranelle. Maeve puts Mab’s crown on Aelin and then makes her kneel on broken glass. Connall in his black wolf form, transforms to tell Fenrys that he is a disgrace.
Maeve reveals she knows that Lysandra is currently pretending to be Aelin. Maeve orders Connall to do something, he takes a knife and then she makes him plunge it into his own heart and kill himself. Aelin manages to cut Cairn and Maeve with a shard of glass – for a second Aelin sees Maeve’s blood is black.
Chapter 9: Fenrys comes to remove the shards of glass from Aelin.
Chapter 10: Lysandra and their forces have met the legion Erawen marched through Eldrys. Erawen sent 5,000 soldiers but they manage to defeat them. Darrow has sent a message with Nox Owen to tell them to bring the army to meet him the next day.
Chapter 11: Nesryn and Sartaq return to report on a 10,000 strong army that they have spotted. The army is marching to Aneille, Chaol’s family home. They plan to march on Anielle and save them and then secure the Ferian Gap and march to Terrasen after that. Chaol and Yrene plan to ride ahead on a ruk and warn Aneille.

About the Author of Kingdom of Ash PDF

Sarah Janet Maas

March 5, 1986 (age 36)

New York
Nationality American
Occupation Author
Notable work
  • Throne of Glass
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • Crescent City
Spouse(s) Josh W. Maas (m. 2010)
Children 2

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