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Hindu Baby Names Kannada

Hello guys, today we come up with a couple of interesting Hindu Baby Names in PDF for your baby. As a parent’s birth of a baby can be such a happy time, especially when the little one is healthy. Also, it is important that we give him/her a good name. In Hinduism, a name has a mystic significance.

A name has a subtle aura, an atmosphere about it that sum up the individuality of the person, place, or thing that we denote. As you can see a good name is so important for babies so if you looking for a good name for your babies, according to Hindu mythology then you can download the pdf name list below button.

Hindu Baby Names PDF


Aabharana (आभरणा) aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, and ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness, and honor Girl
Aadeshwar aadeshwar is a south Indian name that means God or the one who is in a high position of authority Boy
Aagar the word guru means a person having an interest in Music, Excelling in music Boy
Aagarna the word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of music Girl
Aashirya Creative & strong personality of the land of God Girl
Aasin different meaning like a driver, calling himself, wheel maker, lucky in life Girl
Aavi Smoke Boy
Abezag The one is clean, pure, and blessed Boy
Akalapathi Meaning Lord Shiva and it is the name of flexibility and intellect of a male child Boy
Akalendra Lord Shiva. A potential worker destined to express wonderful organizational skills. Boy
Akalesvara Lord Shiva. It means strength gained through experience, success after tests and trials Boy
Akanda Easygoing Gentleman Boy
Akarya Leadership Boy
Gandhika Very nice and sweet smell. Boy
Natkunam The one who possesses the best moral qualities. Boy
Prakruthi A name meaning weather, and nature Girl
Pranaam A name that means Namaskara Boy
Prasiddhi One of many accomplishments and a great game Boy
Pratapavat A person who is known for his valor Boy
Prathish One who was born to rule due to his or her good behavior and beauty Unisex
Praver A person who is in charge of things Boy
Prinit A very pleased and gratified person Boy
Pudhumai One with an innovative and creative mind Boy
Pujesh A worshiped object Boy
Puli One who is like a tiger Boy
Purnayan One who is born full of his parent’s traits Boy
Purvanshu A given Kannada baby Boy name Boy
Purvith A male name  Kannada origins Boy
Rhyah A woman who is the Queen of the Sun Girl
Ruchiparv He who is filled with beauty. Boy
Rudhir Rudra Boy
Rupalekha Vedic hymn Girl
Rupamanjari Made of silver Girl
Rupina A beautiful woman Girl
Rushik Lord of earth Boy
Rushikulya Sprout of beauty Girl
Rusyendra Name of an ascetic Boy
Rutanshi Truth Girl
Ruthvik Seasonal sacrificer Boy
Ruthvika Speech Girl
Rutwaak A sage Boy
Suvrita A well-behaved woman Girl
Suvyuha An angel, pure as an angel Girl
Suyashas Glorious fame Boy
Svaramaya He who is good looking Boy
Svojas He who is very strong and powerful Boy
Swabhiram He who is very delightful Boy
Swabhu Self-born Boy
Swapnasundari A woman of dreams Girl
Swapnika Dreams Girl
Swardhuni River of Heaven Girl
Swarnalata Lustrous Girl
Swarnalaxmi The name of Goddess Parvati Girl
Swarnamala Garland gold Girl
Swarnaprabha Golden light Girl
Swetambari An angel dressed in white Girl
Swrnav Golden Boy
Taamraparnee Copper leaves Girl
Thrishika Trident Girl
Thrithika Meeting of the three goddesses Girl
Tisya Auspicious Girl
Tivri Auspicious Girl
Tokini A bird Girl
Trinesha Flower opening on the third day. Girl
Turvash Overpowering and victorious Boy
Turviti Superior and overpowering Boy
Tushnimsara Fine drops of water Girl
Tushtiman Satisfied Boy
Tuviksh Name of Lord Indra’s bow. It means powerful. Boy
Tuvishtam Creator of living beings, the heavenly builder. Boy
Tvashta He who is strongest Boy
Tvesin She who is impetuous Girl
Udakanjali Lustrous Girl
Udantika Satisfaction Girl
Upshobhin He who is brilliant and bright Boy
Urjamedh He who is strong and intelligent Boy
Uruthiran The name of Lord Shiva Boy
Usakirana The first light of dawn. Boy
Ushadevi Goddess of morning or dawn Girl
Usharvi Raga in the morning Girl
Ushashi Morning Girl
Uttaragita Enthusiasm and zeal Girl
Uttarika Crossing the river Girl
Vasantamalika Garland of spring Boy
Veeramani He who is brave and confident Boy
Vishweswari Subject Girl
Vitaka World Girl
Vividha Strange Girl
Vivika Alive, or war Fortress Girl
Vivitsa Desire of knowledge Girl
Viyoginee Pathway Girl
Vridhi Increase Girl
Vrika The Moon Girl
Vyombha Heaven like Boy
Vyusta Dawn or daybreak Boy
Vyusti The first gleam of dawn. Girl
Yaminichandra The name of Lord Vishnu Boy
Yatharth Complete, truth Boy
Yatheesh Leader of the devoted Boy
Yatinatha Master of the Devoted n

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