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Labour Law Malaysia 2022

Dear reader, if you are searching for Labour Law Malaysia 2022 PDF and cannot find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. The EA establishes terms and conditions of employment for all manual workers, their supervisors, and other employees in Peninsular Malaysia with a monthly salary of less than 2,000 Malaysian Ringgit. The same type of workers in Sabah and Sarawak are covered by different labor regulations that closely reflect the EA’s rules.

For all other employees, the EA is a reference point for setting the terms and conditions of employment, but it is also an influential one, so these changes will have a significant impact on the general terms and conditions of employment throughout the private sector. in Malaysia. Of the companies surveyed by WTW, 40% offer maternity leave for more than 60 calendar days, with an average of 12 weeks of paid leave; 74 percent offer an average of three days of paternity leave. Employers should continuously monitor developments while reviewing the potential impact of the amendments on their policies and practices.

Labour Law Malaysia 2022 PDF – Details

Important changes introduced in the EA include:

  • In this bill, the paid maternity leave has been increased from 60 to 98 calendar days. It also includes protection against dismissal during pregnancy or complications after birth. Note: All-female employees working in the private sector are subject to EA maternity rules (usually EA only applies to low-paid workers and their supervisors); However, the bill does away with the need to extend EA’s maternity leave to all employees. The government has indicated that it hopes to reinstate the expansion through ministerial guidance as part of a review of the EA’s revenue cap (which has not changed for decades).
  • The Bill provides for seven consecutive days of paid maternity leave (up to five births) for married male employees.
  • Sick leave (up to 60 days) on hospitalization does not affect the employee’s eligibility for ordinary sick leave (14 to 22 days depending on the length of service). The rules for paid sick leave have been amended.
  • The Bill empowers employees to request flexible work arrangements with respect to their time, day, or place of work. The request must be made in writing and employers have 60 days to respond.
  • The rules reduce the legal “normal” six-day work week from 48 hours to 45 hours. In practice, all offices inspected by WTW follow a 40-hour, five-day work week; Only a minority of plant and retail sites follow a full “normal” work week.

Malaysia’s new minimum wage

MWO from 1 May 2022

Minister Saravanan said that the monthly pay scale given to an employee who is not paid a basic salary and is paid only on the basis of piece rate, ton, task, trip, or commission, will be applicable from May 1. 2022. No less than RM1,500.

In this section of the MWO, experts note that this directive applies to an employee:

  • an employer that employs five or more employees, and
  • An employer who carries out business activities classified under the Malaysian Standard Classification (MASCO)
  • officially issued by the Ministry of Human Resources – regardless of the number of employees employed.

MWO from 1 May 2022 to 31 December 2022

In respect of an employee who is paid only on the basis of piece rate, tonnage, work, travel or commission, without payment of basic pay, the employee shall be paid the monthly rate of pay according to the place of work from May. first. The Minister said that from 2022 to 31st December 2022, that too should not be reduced:

  • For city council or city council area: RM1,200
  • City council or outside city council area: RM1,100

MWO from 1 January 2023

Minister Saravanan reminded that with effect from January 1, 2023, the monthly pay scale is mandatory for employees to be paid only on the basis of piece fee, tonnage, work, travel or commission without basic pay. – Like other sections of MWO – will not be less than RM1,500 and this order will be applicable to the above employee-employer group.

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