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London Underground Map
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London Underground Map

Dear readers, here we are offering London Underground Map PDF / London Tube Map PDF to all of you. London is a 21st-century city with a history stretching back to Roman times.  London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It has a total population of 89.8 lakhs as of 2019.

London is also known for some of the world’s best tourist places including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, Natural History Museum, Covent Garden, and Oxford Street. If you want to have look at London Underground Map then you can get it here.

London Underground Map PDF / London Tube Map PDF – Deciphering The Map

  • For newcomers to London, the tube system can be a little complicated at first glance.
  • If you’re not careful, you could easily end up on the right line going the wrong direction, or heading off to Edgware Road on the District line when you wanted Upminster.
  • Walking in London is great, but to get the most out of the city you’ll need to master tube travel.
  • Here’s our guide to the ins and outs of the tube.
  • Before you even leave your hotel, first you’re going to want to take a close look at the tube map.
  • You can find a map online, download the Tube Map app, or grab a paper copy from your nearest tube station.

London Underground Map PDF – Line Colours

The first thing to understand is that each of the different colors on the map represents a different transport line

  • The solid colors are underground lines,
  • Mixed orange and white lines represent overground train lines.
  • The blue and white line represents the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), which is like a monorail.

Make sure you know whether you’re searching for an underground station or an overground or DLR station.

If a line has more than one color it’s because multiple train lines use the same track and stations (e.g. the District and Circle lines). When traveling on these lines, take extra special care to get on the right train for the line you want.

London Underground Map Stations

  • Every station is named, and stations with a big white and black circle are stations where you can change lines.
  • Work out which station is your closest, where you want to go, and the optimal number of changes to get there.
  • If you need help you can always do a Google directions search.
  • Typing in your current location, your goal station, and the word “tube” will do the trick, and give you a useful travel time estimation too.
  • A word of warning – the tube map is only a facsimile of London’s real layout above ground. Don’t try to use the tube map as a walking map – you’re going to get lost.

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