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Mahalaxmi Ashtkam
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Mahalaxmi Ashtkam

Dear reader, if you are searching for Mahalaxmi Ashtkam PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. Devraj Indira describes Mahalakshmi Ashtakam Stotra to please Goddess Lakshmi and seek her mercy. In this hymn, he elaborates on the benefits of reading it to those in need of Direction. In this article, you can read the meaning of this hymn in English. Mahalakshmi Ashtakam Stotra is an easy and sure way to make life happy and prosperous thanks to Mahalakshmi’s mother.

This phrase is suitable for devotees who are unable to worship Lakshmi due to a lack of time and accurate information. This tutorial does not take more than 5 minutes to complete. The Aarti practice of Mata Mahalakshmi Ji after this lecture is especially useful.

Mahalaxmi Ashtkam PDF

Namastestu Mahamaye
Shree Pithe Sura Poojite
Shanka Chakra Gadha Haste
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 1 ||

Namastestu Garudarudhe
Kolasura Bhayankari
Sarva Papa Hare Devi
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 2 ||

Sarvajne Sarva Varade
Sarva Dushta Bhayankari
Sarva Duhkha Hare Devi
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 3 ||

Siddhi Buddhi Prade Devi
Bhakti Mukti Pradayini
Mantra Moorte Sada Devi
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 4 ||

Adyanta Rahite Devi
Adi Shakti Maheshwari
Yogaje Yoga Sambhute
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 5 ||

Sthula Sukshme Maha Raudre
Maha Shakti Mahodari
Maha Papa Hare Devi
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 6 ||

Padmasana Sthithe Devi
Parabrahma Swaroopini
Parameshi Jagan Mata
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 7 ||

Shwetambara Dhare Devi
Nanalankara Shobhite
Jagasthithe Jaganmata
Maha Lakshmi Namoostute || 8 ||

Maha Lakshmyashtakam Stotram
Yah Patheth Bhakti Man Narah
Sarva Siddhi Mavapnoti
Rajyam Prapnoti Sarvada || 9 ||

Eka Kalam Pathennityam
Maha Papa Vinashanam
Dwikalam Yah Pathennityam
Dhana Dhanya Samanvitah || 10 ||

Trikalam Yah Pathennityam
Maha Shatru Vinashanam
Maha Lakshmi Bhavennityam
Prasanna Varada Shubhah || 11 ||

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