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El Manifiesto Comunista
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El Manifiesto Comunista

Dear users, today we are going to present Manifiesto Comunista PDF for all of you. If you are also looking for it to download in pdf format and you are unable to find it anywhere then this article can be very beneficial for you. The Communist Manifesto is originally the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

It is an 1848 pamphlet by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The Manifesto Comunista was originally published in London in 1848. The Manifesto was later recognised as one of the world’s most influential political documents.

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  • The foundational work of Marxism, the Communist Manifesto emerged when the Second Industrial Revolution was developing in Europe and the working class began to have increasing importance.
  • This proletariat suffered from strong exploitation but was not clear about its objectives.
  • Marx and Engels tried to raise awareness and organize the workers so that they would organize themselves into a revolutionary workers’ party, a workers’ party, to seize power, destroy capitalism and create a communist society, without exploiters or exploited.

Sinopsis Del Manifiesto Comunista – Resumen Del Manifiesto Comunista PDF

  • The Communist Manifesto is divided into a preamble and four sections, the last of these is a short conclusion.
  • The introduction begins: “A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre.”
  • Subsequently, the introduction exhorts Communists to openly publish their views and aims, to “meet this nursery tale of the spectre of communism with a manifesto of the party itself”.
  • The first section of the Manifesto, “Bourgeois and Proletarians”, elucidates the materialist conception of history, that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”.
  • Societies have always taken the form of an oppressed majority exploited under the yoke of an oppressive minority.
  • In capitalism, the industrial working class, or proletariat, engage in class struggle against the owners of the means of production, the bourgeoisie. As before, this struggle will end in a revolution that restructures society, or the “common ruin of the contending classes”.
  • The bourgeoisie, through the “constant revolutionising of production and uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions”, has emerged as the supreme class in society, displacing all the old powers of feudalism.
  • The bourgeoisie constantly exploits the proletariat for its labour-power, creating profit for themselves and accumulating capital.
  • However, in doing so the bourgeoisie serves as “its own grave-diggers”; the proletariat inevitably will become conscious of their own potential and rise to power through revolution, overthrowing the bourgeoisie.

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