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Milkweed Book
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Milkweed Book

Dear readers, here we are offering Milkweed Book PDF to all of you. Milkweed is a very popular young adult historical fiction novel. This mind-blowing novel has been liked by 88% of Google users. Milkweed was originally published on 9 September 2003.

Milkweed novel is written by Jerry Spinelli. Jerry Spinelli is an American writer known for his children’s novels. He was born on 1 February 1941 in Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States. He has received numerous awards for his literature including John Newbery Medal.

About the Milkweed Book PDF

Author Jerry Spinelli
Country United States
Language English
Genre Young Adult Book, Historical Novel
Publisher Knopf
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback
Pages 208pp.
ISBN 978-03-7581374-0

Character Introduction of Milkweed Book PDF

Sr.No. Characters Detail
1. Misha – Main Character “a little child of indeterminate age and background” is a small, short orphan boy who survives by using his size and quickness to steal food and escape danger.[5] Through most of the novel Misha has no recollection of a past and “much less an understanding o“scrappy, slightly older boy, with bright red hair” who acts as a ringleader for Misha and the other smugglers.[14] Described as ”fearless on the streets,” Uri often helps Misha escape danger.[15] Unlike Misha and the other orphans, Uri does not live in the ghetto but is found at the blue camel, the place where Jackboots live.
2. Kuba Kuba is a boy who Misha is in love with
3. Ferdi Ferdi is an orphan boy who Misha calls the “smoke-blowing Ferdi.” When asked questions “[his] answers [are] never long . . . he [blows] more smoke than words.”
4. Olek Olek is a boy who has one arm. He says a train ran over his arm. He was hanged for stealing food.
5. Big Henryk Big Henryk is a large boy who will “say yes to everything.”He doesn’t wear shoes but instead wears “gray bank coin bags on his feet.” He appears mentally disabled from the “bellowing” and how he says “yes to everything”
6. Jon Jon is a boy who doesn’t speak. Misha sees him as “gray.” He was thrown into the cart of dead bodies and taken away.
7. Mr. Milgrom Mr. Milgrom is Janina’s father. He is a pharmacist who makes medicine, but he stops working a formal job after restrictions are put on Jews.
8. Mrs. Milgrom Mrs. Milgrom is Janina’s mother who is sick. She always is laying on a mattress in the Ghetto.
9. Janina Milgrom Janina Milgrom is a small young girl who gets frustrated, upset, mad, and pushy frequently throughout the novel. She is “[a] fiery young friend” of Misha and frequently mimics him. She later becomes Misha’s sister.[3] Misha later gives his granddaughter the middle name Janina in memory of his sister.
10. Uncle Shepsel Uncle Shepsel is Janina’s Uncle who decides that he will convert to Lutheranism so he will no longer be treated as a Jew. He is described by Misha as “looking like Himmler.”
11. Doctor Korczak Doctor Korczak, The man who took care of orphans whad a goatee. He is based on a real doctor, named Doctor Korczak who really did take care of orphans.
12. Vivian Vivian is a “normal, sensible perd sounding talk of his past. Later she marries Misha and lives with him for five months before she leaves, pregnant with his child.
13. Katherine Katherine is a friendly “young woman . . . [with] dark brown hair” who is Misha’s daughter. She is twenty-five years old with a daughter of her own named Wendy. Misha “wasn’t sure” about Katherine when Vivian walked out, until she finds him years later.
14. Weer Weer. She calls Misha “Poppynoodle.”
15. Herr Himmler Herr Himmler is a head Jackboot who has “half a little black mustache . [and] a scrawny neck . . . [and] looks like a chicken…“.


16. Buffo Buffo is a flop working in the Ghetto. He is seen by Misha as the “worst flop” who “couldn’t possibly be a Jew.” His fa (He likes killing Children) is to kiss his club, then throw it away and smother his victims in his stomach. He always smelled like mint, so when someone was killed by him, they say that he “smelled the mint”. Misha found him after the war was over, but Buffo just shuffled away.

About the Author of Milkweed Novel PDF

Born February 1, 1941 (age 81)
Norristown, Pennsylvania, US
Occupation Writer
Genre Children’s and young-adult novels
Notable works
  • Space Station Seventh Grade
  • Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?
  • Maniac Magee
  • Wringer
  • Stargirl
  • Eggs
Notable awards Newbery Medal

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