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Moby Dick
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Moby Dick

Dear readers, here we are providing Moby Dick PDF to all of you. Moby Dick also known as The Whale is a famous novel that was originally published on 18 October 1851. It is one of the best novels in Adventure fiction, epic, sea story, and encyclopedic novel genes.

Moby Dick is written by Herman Melville. Herman Melville was a popular American novelist, short story writer, and poet. He is a well-known writer of the American Renaissance period. He was born on 1 August 1819, in New York, New York, United States. He has received several awards including National Book Award for Nonfiction.

Moby Dick PDF – Short Summary

  • Ishmael, out of sorts, decides to leave behind the worries of life on land and sign up for a whaling voyage of three years. He meets the tattooed Queequeg, an experienced harpooner, and the two become friends for life. After a night or two of intense bonding, they sign onto The Pequod, an unpretentious but sturdy whaling vessel. Readying for the voyage,
  • they meet most of the command structure of the ship right away, including the thoughtful first mate Starbuck, the jolly second mate Stubb, and the furious third mate Flask. Captain Ahab, however, does not make himself seen until the ship is well out to sea, choosing instead to sequester himself in his dark quarters. When Ahab does appear, he anxiously paces the deck on his peg leg, talking to himself in gloomy ruminations.
  • Finally, miles from shore, Ahab nails a sixteen-dollar doubloon to the mainmast and addresses the crew, telling them that the first person to spot a large white whale will earn the coin. Ahab changes the chief mission of the Pequod to hunting the white whale, named Moby Dick, in revenge for taking his leg.
  • Starbuck protests that vengeance against an animal is a pointless pursuit, but Ahab furiously counters that the whole universe has intention, even whales and that the point of being a person is to “strike out” at that intention with one’s own personality.
  • In the meantime, there are whales to hunt, if for no other reason than to keep the crew in top form and focused on the great battle ahead. Ishmael describes the process of hunting, catching and processing sperm whales and their valuable oil in minute detail. In his own inimitable voice, he combines intellectual inquiries with his personal experiences.

Ahab reveals that he has kept a secret boat crew below decks as insurance that he alone will be the man who strikes the death blow against Moby Dick.

As the voyage progresses, the ship runs across several other whalers, each with a foreboding story to tell of Moby Dick. Ahab broods while Starbuck worries about the fate of the ship. When the ship’s cabin boy Pip nearly dies on a hunt, he is pulled out of the water speaking in a bizarre chant, which only adds to the crew’s sense of coming doom.

As the crew leaves the coast of Japan heading toward the Pacific Islands, Ahab becomes more frantic, demanding the ship’s blacksmith produce a special harpoon, which he consecrates with the blood of his crew over mystical invocations. Starbuck pleads with Ahab to turn away from his suicidal mission, which nearly comes to a crisis of leadership.

Finally, Ahab sights Moby Dick, claiming the doubloon for himself. Three days of furious chase follow, with the whale every bit as furious and indomitable as prophesied. The Pequod is smashed and drowned along with her ranting captain and all her crew. Only Ishmael survives to tell the tale.

About the Moby Dick Novel PDF

Author Herman Melville
Country United States
Language English
  • Adventure fiction
  • epic
  • sea story
  • encyclopedic novel
  • Richard Bentley (England)
  • Harper & Brothers (US)
Publication date
October 18, 1851 (England)
November 14, 1851 (US)
Dewey Decimal
LC Class PZ3.M498 Mo3

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