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Mormonism Shadow or Reality
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Mormonism Shadow or Reality

Dear readers, here we are providing Mormonism Shadow or Reality PDF to all of you. Joseph Smith’s initiation as a Master Mason in 1842 may indeed have acted as a catalyst for him to seek further revelation about the ceremonies that Masons claimed came from the Temple of Solomon, and (in view of what I will discuss later about scriptural phraseology)

it is possible that Masonic phraseology influenced the development of the wording used to teach the sacred elements of the LDS endowment. Nevertheless, before repudiating Mormon temple ordinances by historical parallel, one should consider the ancient rites and ceremonies in Egyptian documents, Semitic manuscripts, and early Christian sources.

Mormonism Shadow or Reality PDF

Jerald and Sandra Tanner’s most comprehensive and revealing work on Mormonism. This book deals with: new discoveries relating to Mormon history, changes in Joseph Smith’s revelations, Joseph Smith’s 1826 arrest for ‘glass looking,’ proof that the Book of Mormon is a product of the 19th century,

changes in the Book of Mormon, archaeology and the Book of Mormon, changes in Joseph Smith’s History, the First Vision, the Godhead, the Adam-God doctrine, the Priesthood, the missionary system, false prophecy, Joseph Smith’s doctrine of polygamy,

Author Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Country United States
Language English
Subject Criticism of Mormonism
Publisher Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 576 pp (1987 edition)
ISBN 978-99930-74-43-4

polygamy after the Manifesto and in Utah today, changing the anti-black doctrine, the rediscovery of the Joseph Smith Papyri and the fall of the Book of Abraham, Mormon scriptures and the Bible, changes in the Pearl of Great Price, Blood Atonement among the early Mormons,

the Word of Wisdom, Council of 50, the Danites, the temple ceremony, changes in the temple ceremony and garments, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Mormonism and money, plus hundreds of other important subjects.

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