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Newman Goldfarb Protocol
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Newman Goldfarb Protocol

Dear readers, today we are going to offer the Newman Goldfarb Protocol PDF for all of you. Though the use of the Newman Goldfarb Protocol in many countries, domperidone has been banned in the U.S. given the FDA’s concerns about its safety. The protocol was developed by Dr. Jack Newman and Lenore Goldfarb in 2000.

A same-sex couple from Georgia is sharing their heartwarming story of inducing lactation so both moms could bond with their baby boy through nursing. Glenis Liz-Decuir and her wife Tiffany had previously welcomed two children. Both of whom Glenis had birth and nursed.

But when Tiffany gave birth to their son Orion, the couple knew they wanted to find a way to co-breastfeed. That is the reason they found the Newman-Goldfarb Protocol, one of several methods for inducing lactation. So guys if you want to know more information about this topic can read ahead.

Newman Goldfarb Protocol PDF

  • Lactation induction may be necessary in several cases. For example, in case the milk does not come in or if the baby is an adoptive one and the mother wishes to breastfeed the baby.
  • While some women may be comfortable taking prescribed medicines to induce lactation, some may prefer herbal medications.
  • In addition, some mothers may wish to breastfeed naturally while others may be amenable to expressing breast milk once it comes in.
  • The mother should be the one who helps guide the physician and the lactation consultant on her preferences. This helps foster the coming off the milk.

Three protocols for induction of breastfeeding

There are three protocols for the induction of breastfeeding. These include:

  • Regular Protocol – This is for women who have six months’ notice before the arrival of the adoptive baby.
  • Accelerated Protocol – This is for women who have less than six months’ notice. This is also suitable for women who wish to renew lactation after having stopped it for a while.
  • Milk production may be significantly lower with this protocol than that achieved with the Regular Protocol.
  • Menopause protocol – This is for women who have had surgical removal of their reproductive organs or who have had their menopause naturally.

Introduction to the Protocols for Induced Lactation

The protocols that follow are designed to prepare the adoptive or intended mother’s breasts for making breastmilk, just as occurs during pregnancy. Until recently, the typical advice that lactation consultants and members of the medical profession suggested to women who were interested in adoptive breastfeeding was to either pump and stimulate the breasts or do nothing before the baby arrives – just put the baby to the breast when the baby arrives and in a while, the mother may or may not have breastmilk.

The option of pumping alone requires serious dedication and commitment to pumping and breast stimulation many times per day for several months. Many mothers may prefer to go the route of putting the baby to the breast and waiting to see what happens, not using any preparation at all or any medication. This is a legitimate option but one that will much less likely produce significant amounts of breastmilk.

Dr. Jack Newman

  • There are several protocols that guide the induction of lactation. These were first given by Canadian paediatrician Dr. Jack Newman who tried them with a mother Lenore Goldfarb.
  • The protocol was then called Newman and Goldfarb protocol 2000.
  • Dr. Newman’s book “Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding” (Harper-Collins, 2000) formed the first published protocol while in the United States the book title is “The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers” by Dr. Jack Newman (Prima Publishing, 2000).

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