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No Longer Human

Dear readers, here we are providing No Longer Human PDF to all of you. No Longer Human is a popular Japanese novel that was originally published in 1948. No Longer Human is one of the best novels in fiction genres with 4.1/5 ratings on Goodreads, 4.7/5 stars ratings on Amazon, and 4.2/5 stars rating on Flipkart.

It is also liked by 96% of Google users. No Longer Human is the second best selling novel which was written by Osamu Dazai. Osamu Dazai was a famous Japanese author. He was born on 19 June 1909 in Kanagi, Goshogawara, Aomori, Japan. He died on 13 June 1948 in Tamagawa Aqueduct, Tokyo, Japan.

No Longer Human PDF Short Summary

Portraying himself as a failure, the protagonist of Osamu Dazai’s No Longer Human narrates a seemingly normal life even while he feels himself incapable of understanding human beings.

Oba Yozo’s attempts to reconcile himself to the world around him begin in early childhood, continue through high school, where he becomes a ’clown” to mask his alienation, and eventually lead to a failed suicide attempt as an adult.

Author Osamu Dazai
Original title 人間失格
Translator Donald Keene
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Novel
Publisher Chikuma Shobō
Publication date
1948 (English translation 1948 England)
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 271
Preceded by A Cherry
Followed by Goodbye

Without sentimentality, he records the casual cruelties of life and its fleeting moments of human connection and tenderness. Semi-autobiographical, No Longer Human is the final completed work of one of Japan’s most important writers, Osamu Dazai (1909-1948).

The novel has come to “echo the sentiments of youth” (Hiroshi Ando, The Mainichi Daily News) from post-war Japan to the postmodern society of technology. Still one of the ten bestselling books in Japan, No Longer Human is a powerful exploration of an individual’s alienation from society.

Second Memorandum: Ōba becomes increasingly concerned over the potential penetrability of his cheerful facade by his schoolmate Takeichi, who sees through his false buffoonery. Ōba befriends him to prevent Takeichi from revealing his secret. As he shows Takeichi the ghost-like paintings of Amedeo Modigliani, he realizes that certain artists express the inner truth of human cruelty through their own trauma. Ōba paints a self-portrait inspired by these artists, which is so dreadful that he dares not show it to anyone except Takeichi, who esteems the picture. He neglects his university studies, out of fear of collective life. Influenced by a fellow artist, Horiki, whom he meets at a painting class, Ōba descends into a vicious pattern of drinking, smoking and harlotry, culminating in a one-night stand with a married woman with whom he attempts to commit double suicide via drowning. Though he survives, she dies, leaving him with nothing but an excruciating feeling of guilt.
Third Memorandum, Part One: Ōba is expelled from university, and comes under the care of a friend of the family. He tries to have a normal relationship with a single mother, serving as a surrogate father to her little girl but abandons them in favor of living with the madam of a bar he patronizes. Since then he tries to believe the meaning of society for an individual is to escape out of fear of humanity. He drinks heavily, inspired by Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Later, he falls into a relationship with Yoshiko, a young and naive woman who wants him to stop drinking.
Third Memorandum, Part Two: Thanks to Yoshiko’s grounding influence on his life, Ōba stops drinking and finds gainful work as a cartoonist. Then Horiki shows up, turning Ōba to self-destructive behavior again. Worse, at the moment of recalling Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky while he discusses the antonym of crime with Horiki, Ōba becomes estranged from his wife following an incident where she is sexually assaulted by a casual acquaintance. The ghastly terror and despair brought on by this incident leads Ōba to become an alcoholic and a morphine addict. He is eventually confined to a mental institution and, upon release, moves to an isolated place, concluding the story with numb self-reflection after profound despair.

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