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NYC Subway Map
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NYC Subway Map

Dear readers, here we are presenting NYC Subway Map PDF to all of you. NYC Subway Map is very helpful for those who are daily travelers or those who are not properly aware of the subway route. If you also want to know about the proper route of the NYC subway then you should stay on this article.

Subway is a most important part of the day-to-day life of the people because if you need to go somewhere with low cost and much comfort then Subway will definitely prove very helpful to you. So what are you waiting for?, just download the NYC Subway Map PDF and get it printed.

NYC Subway Map PDF – Current service colors

The colors used to denote services in the current iteration of the subway map are as follows:

Primary Trunk line Color[104][105] Pantone[106] Hexadecimal Service bullets
IND Eighth Avenue Line Blue PMS 286 #0039a6 "A" train"C" train"E" train
IND Sixth Avenue Line Orange PMS 165 #ff6319 "B" train"D" train"F" train"F" express train"M" train
IND Crosstown Line Lime PMS 376 #6cbe45 "G" train
BMT Canarsie Line Light Slate gray 50% black #a7a9ac "L" train
BMT Nassau Street Line Brown PMS 154 #996633 "J" train"Z" train
BMT Broadway Line Yellow PMS 116 #fccc0a "N" train"Q" train"R" train"W" train
IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line Red PMS 185 #ee352e "1" train"2" train"3" train
IRT Lexington Avenue Line Green PMS 355 #00933c "4" train"5" train"6" train"6" express train
IRT Flushing Line Purple PMS Purple #b933ad "7" train"7" express train
IND Second Avenue Line Turquoise PMS 638 #00add0 "T" train
Shuttles Dark slate gray 70% black #808183 shuttle train

The map brought in several innovations:

The transit map showed both New York and New Jersey and was the first time that an MTA-produced subway map had done that. Besides showing the New York City Subway, the map also includes the MTA’s Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road, New Jersey Transit lines, and Amtrak lines in the consistent visual language of the Vignelli map. For the first time since 1979, the MTA issued a Vignelli map on paper.

For the first time, a Vignelli map added topographic features, such as the MetLife Stadium, the Prudential Center, and the Super Bowl Boulevard. As of September 2018, the diagram is still updated online and remains accessible on the MTA’s website.

NYC Subway Map PDF – Future maps

In 2020, the MTA displayed several new map concepts at the 86th Street station on the BMT Fourth Avenue Line following a renovation project. Six maps were displayed:

  • A current version of the Vignelli map
  • A neighborhood map designed in conjunction with the Department of Transportation (already installed at all subway stations)
  • A bus map of the immediate area
  • A geographically accurate layout of the subway system along with Select Bus Service routes
  • A flat diagram of the station
  • A 3D diagram of the station

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