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Oliver Sacks Musicofilia
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Oliver Sacks Musicofilia

Dear reader, if you are searching for the Oliver Sacks Musicofilia PDF and cannot find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. For all of us, there is great power in music, whether we seek it or not, or think of ourselves exclusively as “music.” This tendency toward music appears in infancy, is manifest and central in every culture, and probably goes back to the beginnings of our species.

Such “musicophilia” is given in human nature. It may be developed or shaped by the cultures in which we live, by the circumstances of life, or by the special gifts or weaknesses that we have as individuals – but it is so deep in human nature that one must find it instinctive. should think as, as much as E. O.

Oliver Sacks Musicofilia PDF – Highlights

“In Museophilia, Oliver Sachs examines the power of music through the personal experiences of patients, musicians, and ordinary people—from a man who is struck by lightning and suddenly inspired to become a pianist at the age of forty-two. The group of children with Williams syndrome who are hypermusical from birth; from those with “amusia”, to whom a symphony sounds like the rumble of pots and pans, to one whose memory spans only seven seconds — to everything but music.” “Our exquisite sensitivity to music can sometimes go wrong: Sachs explores how catchy melodies can subject us to hours of mental repetition, and how a surprising number of people listen to nonstop music. Receive hallucinations that attack them night and day. Yet more often, music goes right: Sachs describes how music can animate people with Parkinson’s disease who otherwise can’t move, give words to stroke patients who otherwise can’t speak, And can calm and settle people whose memories have been devastated by Alzheimer’s or amnesia. “The music is irresistible, haunting and unforgettable, and in Musicophilia, Oliver Sachs tells us why.” – jacket.

Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain

Part I: Haunted by Music

  •  A Bolt from the Blue: Sudden Musicophilia
  • A Strangely Familiar Feeling: Musical Seizures
  • Fear of Music: Musicogenic Epilepsy
  • Music on the Brain: Imagery and Imagination
  • Brainworms, Sticky Music, and Catchy Tunes
  • Musical Hallucinations

Part II: A Range of Musicality

  • Sense and Sensibility: A Range of Musicality
  • Things Fall Apart: Amusia and Dysharmonia
  • Papa Blows His Nose in G: Absolute Pitch
  • Pitch Imperfect: Cochlear Amusia
  • In Living Stereo: Why We Have Two Ears
  • Two Thousand Operas: Musical Savants
  • An Auditory World: Music and Blindness
  • The Key of Clear Green: Synesthesia and Music

Part III: Memory, Movement, and Music

  • In the Moment: Music and Amnesia
  •  Speech and Song: Aphasia and Music Therapy
  • Accidental Davening: Dyskinesia and Cantillation
  • Come Together: Music and Tourette’s Syndrome
  •  Keeping Time: Rhythm and Movement
  • Kinetic Melody: Parkinson’s Disease and Music Therap>
  • Phantom Fingers: The Case of the One-Armed Pianist
  • Athletes of the Small Muscles: Musician’s Dystonia

Part IV: Emotion, Identity, and Music

  • Awake and Asleep: Musical Dreams
  •  Seduction and Indifference
  • Lamentations: Music and Depression
  • The Case of Harry S.: Music and Emotion
  •  Irrepressible: Music and the Temporal Lobes
  • A Hypermusical Species: Williams Syndrome
  • Music and Identity: Dementia and Music Therapy

Musicophilia Summary and Review

Musicophilia Key Idea #1: Not everyone can comprehend, produce or even enjoy music.

Musicophilia Key Idea #2: Musical training results in noticeable physical changes to the brain.

Musicophilia Key Idea #3: People with absolute pitch can tell the pitch of any note – but this is not always a good thing.

Musicophilia Key Idea #4: Musical abilities can be enhanced by blindness or a condition called synesthesia.

Musicophilia Key Idea #5: Extraordinary musical gifts can appear in people with very low intelligence.

Musicophilia Key Idea #6: Music can ease movement disorders and even help people regain motion of their limbs.

Musicophilia Key Idea #7: Music therapy can help people with dementia and speech problems.

Musicophilia Key Idea #8: Some people experience terrible seizures from hearing music.

Musicophilia Key Idea #9: Hearing loss can lead to intrusive and distressing musical hallucinations.

Musicophilia Key Idea #10: Some people become “possessed” by musical powers quite late in life.

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